Lindsey Vonn makes a sharp exit from her Beverly Grove mansion

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn is on the verge of making a sharp exit from her Beverly Grove property. This is an area surrounded by Beverly Hills and West Hollywood and one which has certainly benefited from the long-term popularity of these two districts. The property is described as “contemporary” and we know that the gold-medal winning skier acquired it for $3.55 million just 18 months ago and is now asking for $3.8 million. So, what makes this property so special?

Location, location and the design of the property!

While location is obviously important, and Beverly Grove is growing in popularity, the design and style of Lindsey Vonn’s property is unique but will appeal to many different investors. Described as “a Zen like experience” the home has 4037 ft.² of living space, four bedrooms, five bathrooms and many features which we will cover below.

Design of the property

When we tell you that visitors to the property will be welcomed by a water wall in the two-storey glass enclosed entrance area, you will start to get the idea. This is a unique looking property which also has “a floating glass staircase” which is difficult to describe while attempting to give it the full impact value. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and opens on two sides, one of which leads to a perfectly placed west facing patio which showcases the California sunset.

The ensuite bathroom houses a large bath with what are described as “floating vanities” and an extremely large shower for those in a rush. This may be a futuristic looking property, the glass exterior will help to generate heat but it is also extremely spacious and very comfortable.

Open plan

The open plan design of the property is perfectly reflected in the large kitchen area which has a celebrity style kitchen island but one which actually seats six individuals. We can imagine visitors congregating around the kitchen area where there is more than enough room for a party. The mix of dark chocolate and grey cabinets goes perfectly with the light wood/white wooden floors. The sales literature also highlights a stylish living space with a large screen TV, views over swimming pool and we can see a layer of privacy in the shape of large trees and shrubbery.

We also know there is a “zero edge pool” not to mention a spa and an outdoor shower which is surrounded by tall hedges. This property does look different, it is contemporary but it is not an outlandish style.

Real estate hotspots

The property market in Beverly Grove has certainly been assisted by demand for properties in neighbouring Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Indeed planning restrictions in Beverly Hills saw many people look towards the likes of Beverly Grove although many of these restrictions were recently lifted. However, that is not to say that demand for property in Beverly Grove will fall off the edge of a cliff.

Lindsey Vonn stands to pocket a profit of over $200,000 if a buyer meets her $3.8 million asking price. The house is different, stylish, spacious and futuristic and while other similar types of property have proved hard to sell this one is nowhere near as outlandish as previous “contemporary” celebrity properties we have covered.

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