Lil Wayne takes a hit on his Miami mansion with indoor shark pool

While his real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, he is best known as a Lil Wayne, but it is his rapping skills which pushed him to the fore. Back in 2011 he paid $11.6 million for an exquisite Miami Beach mansion which has everything. Roll forward 6 years and the mansion has been sold for just $10 million prompting a loss of $1.6 million over the last six years.

When you bear in mind the real estate market has picked up in recent times this is a bizarre transaction. However, when you bear in mind the property was put up for sale in 2015 with an asking price of $18 million, perhaps demand in this particular part of the world has disappeared.

What do you get for your $10 million?

As we mentioned, the property was originally listed at $18 million in 2015 and a number of price reductions later it changed hands at just $10 million. This is a six bedroom main property with a three bedroom guesthouse which also has a recording studio and a custom-built skate park on the roof. However, for many people it is the inside shark pool which catches their attention and whether indeed the sharks come with the property!


The kitchen is extremely large with a definite steel theme which perfectly complements the marble floor. There are storage facilities aplenty, all the mod cons you could ever dream of, more than enough space to party in the kitchen and still have room to cook. There is also the now traditional kitchen island with seating facilities for guests to enjoy their meals.

Dining area

As with all of the rooms, the dining area is extremely spacious and we can only assume that Lil Wayne was a big fan of Maren Monro with an eye-catching image of her on the wall. The large patio doors open out onto an extended outside sitting area where you can enjoy your food and drink in the Miami sun. The internal dining table is made of glass with an array of white chairs and an extremely large chair for the head of the table. The decor is white and cream which makes it appear cool and spacious.

Shark pool

The infamous shark pool is there for all to see but on the images used to sell the property there are no fins and no sharks. Can we assume that Lil Wayne has a larger pool for his sharks or has he managed to rehouse them ahead of the sale? While the property itself is extremely large in size, very spacious and decorated with a modern twist it is the shark pool which continues to grab the headlines.

Executive bathroom

We have never seen a bath the size of that situated in the executive bathroom! It is absolutely enormous and we can only assume it is party time when the bath is in full flow. As ever, the views from this property are extremely easy on the eye bringing light and sunshine into the home. There is also a more traditional bathroom but it pales into insignificance compared to the large bath!

Recording studio

What rapper would own a home without its own personal recording studio? Well, from what we can see in the images used to sell the property this is a top of the range, all singing all dancing recording studio. Is it part of the deal? If it is it looks like an expensive piece of kit!

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