Has Kellyanne Conway just bought an $8 million mansion?

While Kellyanne Conway may not be as prominent on TV as she was in her heyday she is still a very important lady in US society. She is rumoured to have acquired an $8 million mansion in Massachusetts Avenue Heights which will keep her very close to the White House. It is known that since Donald Trump took over the presidency of the USA she has been something of a counselor to him. So, what does $8 million get you on Massachusetts Avenue Heights?

Around 15,000 ft.² of property is the answer

The property in question has a footprint of 15,000 ft.² set on half an acre of land. We’re not quite sure where the numbers come from but there are eight bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms? The property also has its own swimming pool to cool down on those long summer days. The house is rumoured to have gone into contract on 2 April and no doubt we will find out the official owner in due course.

The front of the property is hidden by trees, a luxury garden and that swimming pool we mentioned above. There are array of turrets and plenty of windows and is not difficult to see why Kellyanne Conway and her husband are said to have acquired the property. The couple themselves are said to be worth around $40 million therefore an $8 million mansion purchase is a fair chunk of their overall wealth.

The neighbourhood

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The property in Massachusetts Avenue Heights is just across the road from Rock Creek where the Obama’s, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have all moved in within the last few months. While we are talking serious wealth amongst this group of people, especially Jeff Bezos, there is no doubt that the property just acquired by Kellyanne Conway and her husband can more than stand its own in this crowd.

When we tell you that the property was formerly owned by an Acting Prime Minister of Pakistan by the name of Mooen A. Qureshi you might start to get an idea of its regal past. The entrance to the property offers access to an array of rooms on the ground floor and a very striking stairway to the next level. The marble floors are complemented by the open plan design of the reception room and the mass of natural light coming through the many windows.

The bedrooms

While each of the bedrooms is different, even the smallest ones are extremely spacious and adorned with stylish floorcoverings and furniture. The ensuite bathroom is a must nowadays for any celebrity home and it is not difficult to see why Kellyanne Conway and her husband were attracted to this property. The master bedroom has two master baths and two walk-in closets which will give you an idea of the size of this particular area. Again, clever use of windows and natural light together with stylish furniture makes the master bedroom stand out on its own.

Wine and Food

Even though many properties have a wine cellar there are few which have a wine cellar the size of this particular property together with its own billiards room. It is like being taken back into years gone by when the land of gentry ruled the roost. The kitchen is also very eye-catching with relatively neutral colours, wooden kitchen design and a patterned floor. There is also the obligatory “kitchen island” which together with the main kitchen area is perfect for the latest and greatest gadgets with more than enough space to cook meals for family and friends.

We can only imagine it must be like something of a dream living in this particular property which is stylish, open plan and has lots of natural lighting. A sale price of $8 million may seem expensive to the masses but with this home it does seem to offer extremely good value for money.

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