Katy Perry wins court battle over 8 acre convent in Los Angeles

While Katy Perry is said to have had her eye on the 8 acre convent in Los Angeles since 2012 she is not quite there yet. The property has been the home of the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary for decades although confusions reigns as to who actually owns the property and has the right to choose a potential buyer – this has dragged on for more than two years through the courts. However, Katy Perry has won another legal battle and we can only hope this is the end of the story!

Who owns the property?

The legal arguments surrounding the convent in Silverlake, Los Angeles centre round the fact that the property was previously owned by Earl C Anthony who was the founder of KFI-AM. Originally built in 1927 the house was sold to Daniel and Bernardine Donohue in the 1950s. Upon the death of his wife the catholic philanthropist sold the property to the nuns of the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary at a discount to the market price. It has been the home of the nuns since then but looks to be about to change hands.

The problem seems to revolve around the fact that five of the remaining nuns, who actually moved out of the property in 2011, disagree over who should buy the property. Three of the nuns have gone with Katy Perry while two would prefer a sale to restaurateur Dana Hollister. The court ruled that the nuns did not have the right to sell the property as they would have needed consent from the Pope. So, it seems as though Katy Perry is one step closer to owning the convent.

A unique property

As you might have guessed, the convent is a maze of rooms and levels with an ornate circular staircase starting your journey from the front door. The main living room was once a chapel but is now a very decorative, open plan area in which to relax. Seeing is believing because we can guarantee you will never have seen a living room quite like this!

The old style living quarters are located in a maze of corridors which offered privacy for the nuns while they were living there. Each corner you turn in the property seems to have an array of religious statues which certainly given a very decorative and a historic look to the place. The gardens are even more eye-catching with fountains, pools, tiled flooring and statues for as far as the eye can see. It is not difficult to see why Katy Perry has taken a fancy to this unique and historic convent property.

The future is not yet crystal clear

This is the second court case that has ruled in favour of Katy Perry and we await the next step by the Catholic Church and the nuns. When you bear in mind that she is willing to pay $14.5 million for the estate this is money the church could certainly do with. Rumours are that Katy Perry will be moving into the convent with her mother and grandmother to drink tea and “find herself”. Well, there is no more apt a place to find yourself than a nuns convent!



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