Actor Nicolas Cage knocks millions off the price of his Los Angeles mansion

It would seem that even the very rich are having a tough time selling their properties with actor Nicolas Cage wiping millions off the asking prices of one his luxury pieces of real estate.

The award winning actor has recently sold his mansion in Bath, England, for a reported £4 million but his Bel-Air Tudor house in Los Angeles is proving harder to shift. The property, which he bought for around $7 million in 1998 has been on the market at $35 million, was reduced to $17.5 million and is now listed as seeking offers of a minimum of $9.95 million, a bargain for those with the right finance in place.


The 1940s house has hidden rooms and staircases and a tower. It is described as having nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, five fireplaces, a theatre, a library, a 1,800-bottle wine cellar and a swimming pool with about an acre of land.

The publicity photographs show an eclactic mix of antique and modern furniture and paintings including a life size statue of Mickey Mouse in one of the dining rooms and sculptures on others. There is also a vintage motorbike and car in some shots but it is not clear if these and the contents are also for sale.

It was previously owned by Welsh singer Tom Jones and US entertainer and singer Dean Martin.

Although he has sold his Bath property which has a lower ground floor swimming pool, six bedrooms, five bathrooms and five reception rooms and was once the home of 18th century Tory prime minister William Pitt the Elder he still owns a castle in the UK which he bought for around £5 million in 2007. Renovations are currently ongoing at the property which will be used as the star’s main home whenever he is in the UK.

Cage has also recently sold a castle in Germany and has a large portfolio of real estate including properties in Louisiana, New York and Rhode Island. Another of his properties in New Orleans is also reported as being for sale.

The Hollywood star is reported to be facing a large tax bill and is selling off various pieces of real estate to meet these obligations.


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