Katy Perry selling her $9.5 million Hollywood Hills home

Award-winning pop star Katy Perry has been fairly active in the real estate market over the last few years recording significant success along the way. It has been revealed this week that her home on the Hollywood Hills has been listed for sale at a mouth-watering $9.5 million. The property is described as the “teenage dream” perfectly reflecting the Grammy nominated artist who has spread her wings into interior design and real estate.

Basic statistics

The property is situated in the exclusive Outpost Estates section of the Hollywood Hills offering four bedrooms and six bathrooms. As we touched on above, the immaculate interior design has caught the headlines even though the property has some stunning views over Los Angeles. Built in 1954 this home is actually four different residential structures consisting of the main house, two-storey guesthouse, fitness building and a security guardhouse. However, there is much more to this property!

Main residence

The main residence offers a turret like structure and a beautiful entrance hall which perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the property. The entire second floor of this area has been crafted into the master suite with a Roman bath and sky ceiling taking centre stage. The Mediterranean style home boasts stone/marble floors throughout, a range of different decors between the rooms and exposed roof beams everywhere you look.

Outdoor amenities

As you would expect from a property in this area, we have the traditional swimming pool, cabana with spa bath and a water fountain all of which is set in two acres of perfectly manicured gardens. There are even fruit trees for those who like to be at one with nature and grow their own produce.

Living/relaxing areas

There are many formal and informal living rooms dotted across the property each with a fireplace varying in size. There is a huge stone fireplace in the formal living room and stylish furniture while some of the less formal relaxation areas are basic yet spacious. Each of these rooms have one thing in common, plenty of natural light which makes them look airy and spacious.

Birds eye view

The birds eye view of the whole property shows it in its full splendour and the relatively high degree of privacy with surrounding trees and shrubbery. Many people are wondering why Katy Perry has decided to uproots and move on when, for many celebrity real estate investors, this must be the perfect home.

Hollywood Hills

Over the last few months we have seen a number of celebrity properties in the Hollywood Hills listed for sale at a range of different prices. Real estate experts believe that Katy Perry’s $9.5 million mansion will shift fairly quickly because not only is it private and secure but the interior decor makes it stand out from anything else. You can tell that the lady herself has put an awful lot of work into this property leaving a footprint which will last for many years to come. It will be interesting to see whether Katy Perry makes any further real estate investments in the short term or whether, like some celebrities, she is downsizing ahead of some potential headwinds for the more expensive end of the US real estate sector.

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