Judy Garland property links proving useful

There is nothing like a link to a Hollywood superstar to get a property in the headline news and stir up a bit of interest. We often cover properties which have been the former haunt or former home of Hollywood superstars but there are three properties currently on the market with links to Judy Garland. The “Wizard of Oz” star has seen her name plastered across sales literature and we are talking about properties valued in the millions of dollars!

Malibu beachfront cottage

Back in the 1940s and 1950s Judy Garland lived in this classy Malibu beachfront cottage although the property today bears no resemblance whatsoever to that which the “Wizard of Oz” star used to call home. Official records show that the property was razed to the ground back in 2013 and rebuilt in the style of a Cape Cod home with an array of new features.

The property now has a private entry courtyard, direct access to the beach and huge 10 foot high doors from the living room onto a wraparound wooden deck. The house is currently up for grabs at $3.7 million and offers three bedrooms and living space of 1728 ft.². The property is located in what is known as the Pacific Coast Highway region offering beautiful views over the sea.

Living area

One of the interesting focal points of this property is the two sided see-through fireplace located in the main living area. There is also a private sun deck accessible from the master bedroom offering privacy and peace. The property itself is extremely spacious and airy with an open plan feel just perfect for the region and the ocean views. The white/cream decor and light wooden floors add perfectly to the cool and stylish look of the home.

While we appreciate that the home Judy Garland spent many years in has gone for good, she still has a strong connection with the area.

More Julie Garland property connections

At the same time we know that a former home of Judy Garland located in the exclusive Dakota building in Manhattan has apparently been sold for around $10 million. There is no official confirmation as yet about the final sale price but contracts are currently being drawn up and we should find out very soon about any variation on the initial $10 million asking price.

Owners of Judy Garland’s childhood home in Lancaster, California have not quite been as lucky. She lived in the property with her family from 1926 to around 1933. Initially the property was placed on the market at $500,000 but a lack of interest forced the owners to withdraw the listing. The listing of two of Judy Garland’s former homes should place a little more focus on this third property which if anything has more history and a stronger connection with the lady herself.

Unique selling point

Every property needs a unique selling point whether this is the design, colour or perhaps its past connections with Hollywood superstars. It is interesting that three of Judy Garland’s former properties recently found their way onto the market with prices ranging from $500,000 up to a staggering $10 million. A connection with a former Hollywood superstar will never go amiss!

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