Journalist Katie Couric selling her Park Avenue property for $8.25 million

Journalist Katie Couric is a much sought after member of the media pack and over the years has been employed by the three major TV channels in the US. While her journalistic talents are there for all to see, many people may not appreciate that together with husband financier John Molner she has a keen eye for US real estate. As a consequence, their long-term family home on Park Avenue is up for sale at $8.25 million.

Built in 1915

The original Park Avenue building was erected back in 1915 and Katie Couric owns the third floor unit. The family home has four bedrooms, five bathrooms and in a blast from the past it has the original parquet flooring. As you would expect for an $8 million investment external property finishing touches such as flower boxes and particularly tulips give a refreshing look.

We live in an age when privacy and security go hand-in-hand for celebrity real estate investors. Therefore, the existence of a semi private elevator landing will go down extremely well with the celebrity classes. The landing area leads onto the formal living room with three large windows overlooking Park Avenue and multiple seating areas. A great start!

Open plan property

Every property we cover at the moment seems to have an open plan design and Katie Couric’s Park Avenue property is no different. While this has been a family home for some time there is scope for significant redevelopment by the next owner. The dining room stretches the full length of the Avenue and the sales literature highlights a library which could potentially be converted into another bedroom.

The kitchen is described as “unusually large” with a breakfast nook and an old style butler’s pantry. In line with the “old style feel” the kitchen is adjacent to a laundry room with a double staffroom including a bath. A 24/7 doorman, fitness centre, bike room and a pet friendly policy across the whole property add to the already strong attractions of this building.

Quaint stylish look

Even the quickest of glimpses across the sales literature will show the neutral colours of the property as well as the old look wooden furniture and flooring which gives it a quaint stylish look. This is not your stereotypical flash and colourful celebrity haunt this is a family home which takes in an array of formal and informal living spaces. The views of a Park Avenue are amazing, the building is secure and while an $8.25 million asking price may not be in everybody’s price bracket, it is unlikely to be on the market for too long.

Moving on

Even prior to the $8.25 million sale of their Park Avenue property it has already been reported that Katie Couric and her husband have acquired a $12.1 million property just 10 blocks south. This condominium building is located on the Upper East Side and covers the entire 10th floor of the building. When we normally talk about upscaling we don’t expect an additional $4 million investment!

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