Josh Charles buys $6.3 million New York City condo

While Josh Charles may have been killed off in “The Good Wife”, fans will be pleased to know that he is alive and kicking and extremely active in the US real estate market. His character Will Gardner was dramatically killed off in a twist which took many fans by surprise. So, what did Josh Charles see in this $6.3 million acquisition and what does he get for his money?

Greenwich Village strikes again

Greenwich Village is becoming an integral part of the celebrity real estate market with Josh Charles investing $6.3 million in a condo which is part of a 15 story building. Described as “bright and spacious” the property offers exceptional views over the markets of University Place and an array of internal services which many of us can only dream of!

Top quality service

Before we look at the condo how does this sound, a white glove service, a live-in super, children’s playroom, individual storage units, English courtyard garden, 24/7 doorman, bike room, roof terrace and cold storage. It seems as though residents of this area of New York City literally do not need to lift a finger once they have stepped inside the building.

Over the last couple of years additional services such as the ones mentioned above have become an integral part of the celebrity real estate market. Those investing millions of dollars in condos and flats/apartments expect the best and they are certainly receiving the best services.

Josh Charles condo

The first thing that strikes you is the “oversized living room” which offers beautiful views across the city. What better way to relax and chill after a hard day at the office or a hard on the movie set? It looks as though Josh Charles will have a modern day kitchen that includes custom-built cabinetry, high-end appliances and marble counters and, in keeping with the open plan design, the kitchen opens into a formal dining room. This is just perfect for family and guests.

The condo has one master suite, with ensuite bath, as well as two additional bedrooms and three bathrooms. For those who have not come across celebrity real estate sized condos, these are huge properties which seem to pack an amazing number of rooms and floor space together. The living room is a blaze of browns, creams and white colour with plenty of mirrors and windows giving the image of even greater space. It is not difficult to see why Josh Charles invested his hard earned cash!

Celebrity neighbours

Celebrity real estate attracts celebrity neighbours with Alec Baldwin perhaps one of the best-known and most prominent figures in the building. We know from recent celebrity real estate activity that Greenwich Village is becoming an even greater attraction for celebrities. It is the area, the views, the quality of property not to mention the restaurants, shopping and other amenities in the vicinity which make it stand out.

While $6.3 million is a significant investment by any stretch of the imagination, in the current market you get what you pay for and the top quality properties don’t come cheap.

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