Chris Rock selling three-story Brooklyn Carriage House

Christopher Julius Rock III is best known as “Chris Rock” with his highly successful career in comedy, acting, writing, producing and directing. He is currently attempting to sell his property at 239 Waverley Avenue, Brooklyn, New York for $3.495 million. The property was originally on sale for $3.85 million but it would appear there was little interest at that level hence the $355,000 price reduction. What should you expect from a house owned by Chris Rock?

The basics

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms this extremely stylish townhouse was built back in 1901 and bought by Chris Rock in the 1990s. This was the era when he was starring in Saturday Night Live which made him one of the most high profile comedians in the USA. The property has style, character and an array of eye-catching living quarters!

Flexible layout

The layout of the property is flexible and can accommodate a two or three bedroom design. At this moment in time the most eye-catching room is probably the 23 foot master suite which has a huge walk-in closet and beautiful skylight. The three-story property looks very regal and very official and to be honest it does not disappoint when you venture inside.

Exposed beams and wooden floors

It has to be said that the contrast in colour across the property is extremely easy on the eye together with an array of exposed beams and wooden floors. This is perfectly reflected in the large living room with an enormous luxury corner sofa, large windows offering plenty of natural light and the comparison between the dark side of the room and the light side of the room. It is a strange design with plenty of floor space but somehow it works.

Dining area

The open plan nature of the home takes it difficult to cut rooms into individual areas because the dining area is part of the massive living room. It is in a part of the room which lays bare the bricks of the wall, the dark wood floor and the wooden dining table. Again, on paper you might assume these different aspects would not work together but they do.

Kitchen/breakfast bar

It is refreshing to see a celebrity kitchen area which is both bright and does not have a kitchen island! The plain white kitchen units again contrast with the dark wooden floor and breakfast bar (not to mention exposed brick walls) but again it works. We can see at a glance there is more than enough space to store your kitchen equipment and more than enough space to move around. The breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the eating area and the four barstools add a touch of life.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom suite is absolutely enormous with a large bed which actually looks small in comparison to the room. Again it is dominated by the wood effect, exposed brick walls and large windows allowing in a mass of natural lighting. The furniture is minimalistic in number but again it works. The ensuite bathroom is as big as a standard bedroom with marble floor, marble worktops and an enormous mirror. The bathroom is perfectly finished off with a stained glass window which is as dramatic as it is unexpected.


Large double doors lead out to the patio area which is big enough to host its own party. There are also relaxing rooms dotted around the property all of which open out into the open air. As if the property itself is not spacious enough the outdoor areas are massive – but more would you expect from Chris Rock.

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