Johnny Depp to auction off property bought for his late mother

We recently published an article regarding the financial well-being of Johnny Depp and the ongoing downsizing of his real estate portfolio. The international movie star has not had the best of times in his personal life and the death of his beloved mother Betty Sue just 15 months ago must have hit him hard. In what must be a heart-wrenching decision, after listing the £2.2 million luxury Kentucky ranch he bought for his mother, he has now decided to auction off the property on 15 September. Feelings must be raw, there must be a big void in his life and while there are rumours of financial distress surrounding Johnny Depp, there can be no more distressful a time than the loss of a beloved mother.

A sprawling horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky

Nothing in the life of Johnny Depp seems to be straightforward because while he acquired the property back in 1995 for his mother at a cost of $950,000 he then proceeded to sell the property for $1 million in 2001. It was bought back at a cost of $2 million in 2005 while his mother still remained living in the property. Nobody is quite sure why the property was sold and bought back, at a time when his mother still lived there, but there is no doubt that Johnny Depp was dedicated to his late mum.

Something different

This ranch really is something different, just a hop skip and a jump from the Keeneland racecourse, and featuring six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a guesthouse, four car garage and three barns. There are also 10 paddocks and all this is spread across an estate of 41 acres. This is not 41 acres of scrubland this is 41 acres of prime Kentucky horse racing land.

It really is difficult to know where to start, do you begin with the winding entrance road, the beautifully manicured gardens, customary swimming pool with sun loungers or do we start with the quaint guesthouse?

No shortage of space

While many celebrity properties look cold, calculated, airy and extremely spacious, this property is lived in, has plenty of furniture and has a homely feel. The majority of the decor is dark in colour, the furniture is comfortable and there are photographs and reminders of her celebrity son in each room. The bedrooms are stylish yet compact, have all the mod cons without being too flashy. Perhaps the biggest luxury is the enormous walk-in wardrobe which is bigger than your average sized bedroom!

Kitchen, bathrooms and more

The kitchen has all the touches of a well-used room, opens out onto the patio with beautiful views and has more than enough storage facilities and kitchen equipment. The standard of finish throughout the property is extremely high and there is no evidence of general wear and tear. As with the walk-in wardrobe, the bathrooms are absolutely enormous offering space for a small party!

Throughout the property you will see pieces of antique furniture which belie their value and their age. The walls are also adorned with stylish paintings which we guess will not be cheap. When you consider the property also comes with three separate barns there really is massive potential to build on the great work already started. While it will be a wrench for Johnny Depp to give up the property, nothing can take away the loss of a parent and one to which he was obviously so close.

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