Johnny Depp continues to downsize his property portfolio

As rumours continue to swirl around Hollywood that movie superstar Johnny Depp is in financial trouble, yet more of his property portfolio has been listed on the market. While he still maintains a sprawling spread of property across the world, a number of his assets have been sold or listed for sale in recent months. The latest property sale concluded by Johnny Depp is one of his penthouses at the Art Deco Eastern Colombia Lofts building in downtown Los Angeles.

Originally listed for $2.75 million

The penthouse was originally listed at $2.75 million although a sale has not been concluded at $1.8 million which is a massive discount. Records show that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star once owned five penthouse properties in the same building. Together this equated to 9 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms with a total outlay in the region of $7.2 million between 2007 and 2008.

It is common knowledge that Johnny Depp amalgamated three of the penthouse properties with additional doorways while the two other properties were used as an art studio and guest suite. After the $1.8 million sale only one of the five original properties remain which is a one-bedroom 1780 ft.² duplex penthouse again listed at $1.8 million.

Recent $1.8 million sale

The listed pictures of the recently sold $1.8 million Penthouse are breathtaking with extremely modern decor and stunning views. Inside the property there is an array of traditional/contemporary wall decorations as well as exposed brick which goes perfectly with the property’s look. Each of the rooms has its own style as well as extremely large windows attracting an array of natural light.

Cosy and comfortable

It is surprising how much furniture has been shoehorned into each room because on the surface they look fairly small but seem to house more than their fair share of furniture. The kitchen is open plan, extremely compact but seems to have every piece of equipment you could ever hope for. There is also an interesting balcony area just above the kitchen with blue and red chequered floor tiles and a small working desk.

Living area

The living area opens out onto the expanded balcony and takes in an array of different styles and different coloured chairs and furniture. We can see black, cream, silver and zebra pattern colours but they do seem to go together to give a bright and breezy look. It is difficult to know whether these pictures do the property justice because while the rooms do look fairly small at first glance they seem extremely busy!

More property liquidations to follow?

Aside from the properties we have mentioned above, Johnny Depp also owns an estate in the south of France which was originally listed for sale at $55 million but later reduced to $39 million. The property is no longer listed for sale although there is no suggestion that a deal was concluded. He also owns what is described as a “largely undeveloped” island in the Bahamas which he bought for £2.2 million back in 2004.

A chateaux style mansion on Sunset strip in West Hollywood was originally purchased for $1.89 million in 1995 but for some reason he also acquired four homes in the same cul-de-sac for an additional outlay of $10 million. Even if the rumours are correct, it would appear that Johnny Depp still owns tens of millions of dollars of property assets which should help to correct his alleged financial difficulties?

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