Johnny Carson’s former home for sale at $80 million

Johnny Carson is a renowned comedy legend and while he died back in 2005 his reputation lives on. So, we can only guess that there will be significant interest in the $80 million Malibu oceanfront estate which was his home for nearly 20 years. While the property has changed hands since Johnny Carson lived there, this is the first time is has been placed on the open market in a decade. So, what should you expect for your $80 million investment and how do comedy royalty live?

Malibu oceanfront estate

Malibu is renowned for the breathtaking views, leisurely vibe and array of extremely expensive celebrity properties. This particular estate was designed by Ed Niles, is located at Point Dume and boasts panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean with direct access to a stunning beach. As if this was not enough, directly opposite the main grounds there is a waterfall, Koi pond and the saltwater pool – not something you see every day!

Inside the former home of Johnny Carson

Like us, when we found the property only has two bedrooms, you might wonder what exactly you get for your $80 million – but these are not your stereotypical bedrooms. The fact that the main bedroom is spread right across the entire second floor says everything. There are his and hers bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and two separate business offices to catch up on paperwork.

The home was designed back in 1978 and the main living room is described as a “double triangle shape” with a 30 foot high glass ceiling. There is also a sunken indoor copper and glass fireplace which rather bizarrely flows into an upper lounge area and a themed bar. It is extremely difficult to keep track of the intermingling design and the way in which different rooms seem to flow into one other. Eye-catching but extremely difficult to describe!

In the grounds of the property

While we have already touched on the panoramic views of the ocean, this estate also has a beautiful swimming pool and a full size tennis court for fitness fanatics. The gardens are immaculately manicured, as you would expect, and there are numerous areas in which you can relax. Sun, beach, swimming pool and a property which has a master bedroom covering the entire second floor, what more could you ask for?

Current owners

The property is currently owned by Sydney and Caroline Kimmel of Jones Apparel Group and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment fame. Aside from the fact it comes with a connection to Johnny Carson, this is an enormous estate with immaculate grounds, an interior which flows as good as any property we have seen not to mention access to the beach. The fact that the master bedroom covers the entire second floor has not gone unnoticed and, while it does leave options to introduce more bedrooms, who could refuse a bedroom of this size?

While much has been made of the Johnny Carson connection, in reality the property should really sell itself because of its style, location and grounds. An $80 million asking price might scare some people off but we would be surprised if it is not snapped up relatively quickly.

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