John McEnroe selling Southampton mansion

You cannot be serious! Former tennis wild boy John McEnroe has his Southampton mansion for sale at $12.5 million after revising down his initial asking price of $14.5 million. It seems that the rich and famous have lost their appetite for Southampton property although a sale price of $12.5 million is certainly not to be sniffed at. So, what is John McEnroe serving up for a price of $12.5 million?

11 Squabble Lane, Southampton

When you bear in mind John McEnroe’s history in the world of tennis, has there ever been a more appropriate address? The property was built back in 1996 and previously owned by Henry Rogers the oil baron connected with Standard Oil. As you can guess, coming from a multi-millionaire oil baron this is no run-of-the-mill property!

The first thing to bear in mind is this 2.17 acre plot comes with its own private access to a private beach where you may run into neighbour such as Howard Stern, Calvin Klein and Brooke Shields – now that would be some barbecue guest list. The property itself has eight bedrooms and eight full bathrooms (and two partial bathrooms) with an array of formal and casual dining areas. Windows, balconies and terraces are aplenty giving a priceless view over the sea.


If we look at the interior of the property we learn that it has a chef’s kitchen, library, sunroom, home office and the latest in central heating technology. The decor is classy and subtle, the furniture a mix of colourful and traditional and as we mentioned above, large windows let in an array of natural light. The bedrooms are enormous, with the master suite opening out onto a balcony where you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view. As with so many celebrity bedrooms, the furniture is minimalistic, the space is maxed and there are stylish ensuite bathrooms.


There are terraces and outdoor eating areas aplenty together with a large swimming pool. The garden and grounds are immaculate, well-manicured and very easy on the eye. There are sliding doors in various areas of the house opening up the property to the outdoors. Then, when you bear a mind this is John McEnroe, you will not be surprised to learn there is also a top of the range tennis court. We know that John McEnroe is still active on the senior’s tour so you can take it for granted this tennis court will have been used on a regular basis.

Lack of interest

It is surprising to learn that the price has been reduced from $14.5 million down to $12.5 million although we have seen a number of Southampton properties hitting the market lately. When you bear in mind the eight bedrooms, eight full and two partial bathrooms together with 8000 ft.² of living space, surely this property won’t be on the market for too long?

When you also throw in the exquisite views, access to a private beach and a level of privacy sought by many celebrities, surely they will come knocking very soon. However, after looking over the property we are still drawn back to its address, 11 Squabble Lane, which must be the perfect address for John McEnroe?

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