Jennifer Lawrence looking to rent out her Tribeca apartment for $27,500 a month

Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence seems to be forever on location at the moment with London her home in the short term while filming a spy movie. She has been on location so much over the last few years that she has eventually decided to place her apartment at 443 Greenwich Street on the market to rent. Initially she was looking for around $30,000 a month but this has now been reduced to $27,500 a month but so far there have been no takers.

What do you get for $27,500 a month?

First of all it is worth noting that neighbours include Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and the singing sensation that is Harry Styles. We can therefore safely assume that privacy and security of the highest standard is already in place to protect the rich and famous. Moving onto the apartment…..

The apartment is an impressive 3184 ft.² and takes in three bedrooms therefore making it attractive to not only couples but also families. This is a building which has great character having been converted from a 1880s book bindery to a modern day luxury apartment block. Properties in the Greenwich Street building are much sought after but how many people would be willing to pay $27,500 a month in rent remains to be seen.

Inside the apartment

The first thing you will notice is the property has its own individual elevator which opens up into the apartment. This is a great addition to the building’s security and privacy which is much sought after by those looking at this type of property. At this moment in time the apartment is unfurnished but once you step in you will see the large windows and the oak beams which are highly visible across the apartment. They perfectly complement the wooden floors and give great character to the rooms.


Just the quickest glimpse at the kitchen shows you that this apartment has been well looked after and no corners have been cut with regards to investment. There are more than enough storage facilities on the outskirts of the kitchen not to mention the latest fridges, ovens and modern gadgets you would expect. There is also the now standard island within the kitchen with a beautiful marble worktop offering larger than average space to prep and eat your food.


The bathroom has a modern twist with a creatively designed bath, sink, shower and a wet room. The lighting is perfect, the colour combinations complement each other and to say the bathroom is spacious is something of an understatement. At first glance it is difficult to recognise where the sinks are and whether bath is but you will soon get the hang of it.

Large bedrooms

As we touched on above, there are three bedrooms in this property all of which are currently unfurnished but very spacious with great natural lighting. We can only imagine the views out of the bedroom windows – what better way to start the day as you wake up?

Making an investment work

It is believed that Jennifer Lawrence paid around $9 million for the property earlier this year which equates to just over $2800 a foot. We can safely assume she has plans in the longer term but at the moment she is out of the country so often it makes sense to rent out the property – especially if she can find someone willing to pay $27,500 a month. The fact she has dropped the rental figure from $30,000 a month down to $27,500 a month indicates the market may be difficult at the moment. Will Jennifer Lawrence get what she’s looking for?

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