Justin Timberlake buys Manhattan penthouse

While money is no object to music sensation Justin Timberlake and his MTV movie award winning wife Jessica Biel, if the rumours are correct they have just spent a whopping $27.5 million on a four-bedroom penthouse. There is no confirmation as yet but this is the only penthouse in the building which has gone out to contract this month while two others are still available. So, what can you expect to get for $27.5 million in the Manhattan penthouse market?

Designer properties

This luxury property on 443 Greenwich Street, Manhattan was designed by CetraRuddy and is certainly much sought after. The celebrity couple now have their toddler child to think of and the rumoured 5375 ft.² property certainly has enough space. We can only imagine the design interior work which has made this address a magnet for celebrities. If the worst came to the worst and this was not the property, the others available are a 5000 ft.² unit with three bedrooms and 4 1/2 bathrooms, listed at $20.5 million. The other is a massive 8569 ft.² five-bedroom property which is on the market for a mind-boggling $55 million.

Looking around

If the speculation is correct Justin Timberlake and his good lady have been looking around the New York City real estate market for a good few months now. Indeed, a penthouse at 12 E 13th Street would appear to have caught their eye in the early days and who knows, they may go back, with the price having been slashed from $28.5 million to an “affordable” $16 million!

It is a mystery as to how fans of Justin Timberlake and other celebrities find out about their property escapades because the music superstar has regularly “met” his fans while viewing properties. While they will always remain one of America’s top celebrity couples it is worth noting that 443 Greenwich is also extremely popular with other famous people. We have the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lovely, Jennifer Lawrence and Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton who recently bought one of the $54 million penthouses!

The property has a 24-hour doorman, a 71ft swimming pool which is shared by all residents, 5000 ft.² of roof terrace and a temperature controlled wine cellar. So, when the celebrity superstars living at 443 Greenwich decide to throw a party there are already an array of amenities available to them!

Word of caution

While many celebrities enjoy the security and privacy at 443 Greenwich it seems that Mike Myers, of “Austin Powers” and “Wayne’s World” fame, thought he could flip a property he purchased in December last year. The penthouse was originally listed at $15 million although he finally took an offer of $14 million which was unfortunately $675,000 below his purchase price. So, while it seems that penthouses are still in high demand amongst the rich and famous, this may only be towards the higher end of the price bracket.

It will be interesting to see how the luxury US real estate market performs under the stewardship of President Trump especially when you bear in mind his years of experience in the real estate market.

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