Inside the home of Floyd Mayweather

He may be small in stature but Floyd Mayweather will go down as one of the best pound for pound boxers of all time. This evening he will be fighting Conor McGregor in a boxing match which the world has been waiting some time to see. So, on the eve of the most lucrative boxing match in history, we thought we would take a look inside the home of Floyd Mayweather.

Las Vegas hideaway

Before we even begin to look at the home of Floyd Mayweather the publicity surrounding the boxer suggests that there is $15 million worth of cars in his home garage, so you can imagine how much his property is worth!

Home for Floyd Mayweather is a five bedroom, seven bathroom, custom-built hideaway in Las Vegas which has 22,000 ft.² of living space. Affectionately referred to as “Money Mayweather” because of his ability to make money (although there are suggestions he has a huge tax bill to pay) there is no doubt that he lives in the lap of luxury.

Sitting room

As you might imagine not only does this sitting-room have the latest in designer furniture, an array of comfortable seating and a warm luxury feel but it also has a grand piano and an eye-catching fireplace. Then, we see it also has 24 foot vaulted ceilings which drip with crystal chandeliers and the walls are covered in what has been described as “red silk and textured glass”. Nice start?


There are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms all of which have been custom-designed (did we mention the house was built on a golf course?) with extremely expensive furniture and bedding. In many ways the bedrooms look like a top quality boutique hotel room but without the coldness. We can guarantee that any guest at Floyd Mayweather’s property will be extremely comfortable.

Kitchen and eating area

Everything in Floyd Mayweather’s mansion is super-size and the kitchen and eating area is no different. As you would expect, there is the latest in kitchen equipment with one added extra. The kitchen counter has an array of built-in touch screen video game consoles so if you get bored cooking your dinner, or you have guests, simply spend a few moments playing your favourite game. Have you ever heard of a home let alone a kitchen with built-in touchscreen video game consoles?

Outside lounge area

The outside lounge area is described as “bigger than most people’s homes” and as you might have guessed, it does have your stereotypical celebrity swimming pool and more than enough space to hold a large party. As well as simple some lounges there are a number of double person sun loungers with retractable shades, have you heard of anything like that?

Once you have finished lounging around by the pool you may want to check out the sauna or the massage area. These will have proven extremely useful in Floyd Mayweather’s boxing heyday when he needed to maintain peak fitness.

Bling, bling, bling

Floyd Mayweather has his own 600 square-foot walk-in closet which will no doubt house his huge collection of priceless jewels and watches. He is well-known for being extravagant on the clothes front although many of his purchases never see the light of day. There is a wine cellar stocked with the most expensive drinks you can think of and a top of the range wooden cabinet which is home to his much loved boxing belts.

The property itself is said to have cost him $9 million although surely it must be worth significantly more in today’s market. There are rumours that Floyd Mayweather has made a multi-million dollar bet on himself to win tonight as the clock ticks down….

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