Is Harvey Weinstein winding down his property portfolio?

Movie tycoon and multimillionaire Harvey Weinstein has been in the news of late with an array of accusations in the press. It would appear that prior to the accusations going public he arranged the sale of his Westport mansion and other properties may well be listed in due course. We will not go into detail about the array of accusations made against the movie tycoon instead we will take a look at his recent property sale and what you get for $1.65 million.

Bought back in 1995

Harvey Weinstein’s property in the picturesque suburb of Westport has been on the market since April this year and was recently sold for $1.65 million. We know from official records that it was acquired back in 1995 for just $825,000 although we are not privy to the cost of any renovations or design changes. However, this is a beautiful property located in a much sought after part of the USA.

The property itself has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and has accommodated the likes of the Obama’s in years gone by. Situated by the water’s edge there is one large L-shaped property and a detached building close by. From the aerial shots we know there is a swimming pool and the property itself is surrounded by trees and shrubbery offering a high degree of privacy and security.

Harvey Weinstein’s East Hampton mansion

While the sale of his $1.65 million home has been agreed and completed, Harvey Weinstein has already listed his next property for sale. His East Hampton mansion with seven bedrooms and 8 ½ bathrooms is listed for sale at a staggering $12.4 million. However, situated in the “Hamptons” you have to be very rich to be a part of this neighbourhood!

We know from the sales literature that the property has 9000 ft.² of living space, was built in 2000 and acquired just three years ago for a price of $11.4 million. As nothing comes cheap in this part of the world you will not be surprised to learn that it has breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, a vaulted master suite, four additional family bedrooms and a self-contained two-bedroom guest/staff wing.

Entertainment and leisure time

As you would expect with an asking price of $12.4 million not only is there a large garden space in which to exercise but the house has a screening room, gym and a rooftop deck with some exceptional views of the area. This is a property which will have entertained some of the best-known names in the film industry and it is an integral part of the Hampton neighbourhood.

Raising money

There is speculation and counter speculation regarding the future of Harvey Weinstein after he left the company he founded. Rumours of pending legal action may well have prompted the recent sale of his $1.65 million mansion but the sale of his Hampton residence at $12.4 million is in a whole different league.

The Hampton residence is in a much sought after area and a quick glimpse at the sales literature shows you would live a life of luxury in this property. However, the house is being sold under a cloud with many speculators suggesting further asset disposals could follow.

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