Tyler Perry bags a $14.5 million Beverly Hills mansion

Unflatteringly described as a writer, producer, cross dressing comedic actor and film and television tycoon, Tyler Perry is not everybody’s cup of tea. He is as flamboyant as his new residence which actually looks like an office building from a distance. The Beverly Hills mansion was previously owned by billionaire philanthropist Alfred E Mann prior to his death in 2016. Originally listed at $29.95 million we have seen a huge cut in the asking price!

A bargain at $14.5 million

The immediate temptation is to compare the purchase price with the previous asking price and automatically assume it is a bargain. Well, this glass walled architectural phenomenon is like something you have never seen before with windows everywhere. It is easy to forget the property has 17,245 ft.² of living space and boasts not only seven bedrooms but 11 bathrooms.

Even the drive to this 4.2 acre private plot, placed on a knoll above Mulholland Drive, is an adventure in itself. The long sweeping road eventually brings you to a parking spot which is dominated by a variety of different sculptures with parking space for more than 30 vehicles. Yes, 30 vehicles!

Interlocking square pavilions

The property is described as a glass and steel amalgamation of interlocking square pavilions. While there is no doubt the property does initially give the impression of a jigsaw house there is so much more to this than meets the eye. As you might assume from a property which has multiple wings there is space to party, space to relax and more space to party!

The property includes (take a deep breath) a number of lounges and dining rooms, formal living and dining rooms, designer kitchen, wet bar, film projection screen and a Koi pond. The inside is a myriad of marble tabletops and stairways which sometimes makes it difficult to comprehend the size and shape of the property. It is unique!

Different decor styles

The walls throughout the property are adorned with traditional and modern art which is both eye-catching and extremely colourful. The corridors and stairways make it feel like a hotel/office block but this is something different. The living area is a jigsaw of couches, chairs, tables with an absolutely huge TV screen bearing down from the ceiling.

The property’s feels so airy because of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. The outdoor area quickly switches from a Koi pond to Crane statues looking down over the manicured gardens and then on to what can only be described as an oasis in the desert. Sun loungers, a swimming pool, areas to relax and areas to party really do bring this property to life. Then again, if you’re a billionaire businessman you can afford these trappings of luxury.

Trading places

Tyler Perry, like so many celebrities at the moment, has not been averse to trading his various real estate assets over the last couple of years. While he obviously does not need the money, with his billionaire status, he has shown a canny knack for buying at the right time and selling before the market turns. Maybe we should be looking towards Tyler Perry for real estate guidance as opposed to President Donald Trump who was flattered to deceive with his promises of assistance for the US real estate market.

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