Game of Thrones star Lena Headey returning to her Yorkshire roots

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey, better known as Queen Cersei Lannister in the award-winning show, has decided to ditch her Los Angeles home to return to the UK. While this may surprise many people, more and more actors are now feeling the lure of their former homelands having tasted stardom, success and riches. So, switching Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles for the UK, has it all been worthwhile for Lena Headey?

Banking a nice profit

Lena Headey has banked herself a very healthy profit in excess of £800,000 on the sale of her midcentury modern home in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. She is rumoured to have paid just £609,000 for the property back in 2014 and while it was listed at £1.5 million there are suggestions she actually achieved higher than the asking price. So, why was this property so sought after and how did she manage to achieve more than the asking price in the current market?

Property particulars

The property has five bedrooms and comes with 2992 ft.² of living space with the now traditional beam ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. There are also an array of sliding glass doors, oak herringbone floors and a brick fireplace in the living room. When you also consider the carefully landscaped grounds, multiple patio areas, saltwater pool and an outdoor pool, you now begin to get the idea of why it was so popular.

Kitchen area

Quite how Lena Headey has managed to capture the look and feel of an old world property with a modern slant is a mystery, but she has. The kitchen is beige/cream with a blue and white floor and the now commonplace kitchen island. The oak beams give the property character and the shelves, storage facilities and kitchen equipment give it a homely look which is perfectly finished with the floor to ceiling window looking onto the patio.

Cosy yet spacious bedroom

The master bedroom offers an array of different light and dark colours which go surprisingly well together. Spacious but with plenty of furniture, sitting area and storage facilities, it is not difficult to see why Lena Headey enjoyed her time in Los Angeles. The window is significantly wider than traditional bedroom windows and lets in masses of natural light.

Dining area

The dining area can be described as “smart but casual” again offering a homely look although the seats are certainly something different and eye-catching. As we mentioned above, the floor-to-ceiling windows dominate the property and perhaps add to the spacious look and feel. There is also a seating area next to the swimming pool which is surrounded by trees to give a degree of privacy. This must be the perfect place to hold parties during those hot summer days with the sliding glass doors opening the whole property onto the patio areas.

Home sweet home

Lena Headey must certainly be missing the UK if she is kissing goodbye to her Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles property. However, a trip back to blighty with in excess of £800,000 in her back pocket is a nice parting gift from the Los Angeles real estate market!

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