Sting ready to sell his $82 million Manhattan penthouse

He has had hits such as “Englishman in New York” but it seems as though Sting, a.k.a. Gordon Sumner, is looking elsewhere (well not really, they have acquired another large property at 220 Central Park South!). Sting and his wife Trudy Styler acquired the property back in 2008 for a “modest” $40 million. They were one of the first to acquire an apartment in the newly developed building and it certainly appears to have paid dividends if they can obtain the $82 million asking price.

Sting’s home

The property itself is situated at 15 Central Park West, commonly referred to as 15 CPW, in one of Manhattan’s most prestigious areas. It is not difficult to see why property in this region is much sought after and why potentially the price of this property may have doubled in less than 10 years. So, what can you expect for your $82 million dollars?

Inside Sting’s duplex property

From a distance the property looks “ancient” but it was actually built in 2008 with an historic art-decor style. This is most definitely an area of the world which attracts “money people” as the building boasts an in-house chef, lap pool and a private screening room. This is before you even get into the properties themselves!

Taking up two floors of the building, the 16th and 17th floors, the penthouse has a total floor space of 500 m². The mixture of contemporary and traditional interior design goes perfectly together so we can safely assume there was a significant investment in this area. The apartment has three bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms which is significantly more than the majority of three-bedroom properties!

However, when you consider that the master bedroom has two dressing rooms and two bathrooms, this is perhaps a property befitting an $82 million investment. There is even a heated terrace with a canopy shield to ensure that the prying paparazzi will not be able to make use of their long lens cameras.

Dining/relaxing area

The open plan design of the property, and the mostly white interior, offer a perfect contrast to the colourful artwork and the sporadic use of colourful furniture. There is also a large inbuilt TV, large windows which let in a great deal of natural light not to mention a massive sofa which can fit who knows how many people. The contrast between the white walls, light wooden floors and the sporadic use of colourful furniture looks excellent.

Master bedroom

As we touched on above, the master bedroom has two dressing rooms and two bathrooms not to mention an exquisite view over Manhattan. In a slightly bizarre touch, there is also a breathtaking view over Manhattan when you are laying in one of the baths!

One thing which is obvious is the use of the couple’s contemporary artwork collection to bring the property to life. It is subtle but you can see an array of artwork dotted around the property contrasting with the white walls and the sporadic use of colourful furniture. It is also very noticeable how spacious these properties are which again helps to support the $82 million asking price.

We can safely assume that Sting’s next property must be breathtaking if he is willing to give this one up!

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