Former Ford family home on market for $175 million

The former Ford family home in the Hamptons has been listed for sale with a staggering $175 million asking price. The 42 acre compound in the Hamptons takes in some of the highest value real estate in the US. Even though it is currently the most expensive house for sale in New York it is still only half the price of the most expensive property for sale in the US at the moment. So, what exactly does $175 million buy you in the Hamptons?

A property spanning quarter mile along the Atlantic Ocean

When you consider that the mansion neighbours land which is protected and preserved in effect there is another quarter of a mile of private ocean frontage. This in itself is worth a fortune in the Hamptons and that is before we even begin to look at the property itself!

Size does matter

In the world of celebrity/corporate real estate there is no doubt that size does matter and with 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and 20,000 ft.² of living space this is an enormous property development. It does look as though there have been redevelopments and renovations over the years but everything drops into place, the general style is the same throughout and many of the original features have been retained.

Swimming pool

No celebrity property (or Ford family home) is complete without a swimming pool but how many can boast a 60 foot long swimming pool? As you would expect, there is also a significant area for sun beds and sun tans especially vital during those hot summer months when you may be entertaining. The swimming pool itself has more privacy than you might expect with hedgerows and trees stopping prying eyes.

A brisk walk to the beach

As we touched on above, there is a private walkway from the mansion down to the beach, something which is relatively unheard of in the Hamptons. The official quarter-mile beach front is effectively doubled when you take into account the preserved and protected lands to either side. What better way to wake up in the morning than to open the window and look over a quiet and tranquil ocean?

The three wings of the main house

There are in effect three different wings of the main mansion which incorporate traditional stylish decor, colourful modern art and a tranquil relaxing living area. As we mentioned above, while the property has been the subject of renovations and redevelopments over the years, much of the old style has been retained while adding different types of complimentary decor.

The Carriage House

When you bear in mind the main mansion has 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms surely this would be enough to accommodate guests? Well, in case there is overflow or a need for greater privacy there is also a Carriage House with even more guest accommodation space. This really is the ultimate celeb hideaway, corporate bunker or just a good old-fashioned family home.

Whether this former Ford family home will reach its $175 million asking price is debatable in the current market but when you look at the property, the area, the history and the decor, it is difficult to find any flaws.

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