Fashion photographer Rafael Mazzucco selling $4 million hideaway

Rafael Mazzucco is a well-known Canadian fashion photographer whose work has appeared in Vogue as well as shooting campaigns for Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren. It seems that his latest “art project” in the shape of his Montauk hideaway in New York is finished and he is ready for a new one. Yes, Rafael Mazzucco views the development of his Montauk hideaway as an art project!

Creating a return of $3.3 million

We know that Rafael Mazzucco paid just under $1 million for his property around 15 years ago and is now asking a staggering $4.3 million. He undertook something of a career change back in 2010 placing more focus on his artwork as opposed to his photography. However, nobody expected him to turn a $1 million property into a $4.3 million piece of art.

Situated on Kettle Hall Road the house has 3500 ft.² of living space, four bedrooms and an array of bathrooms. The property has been renovated from top to bottom and there are dozens of pieces of Rafael Mazzucco’s artwork on display. There are hand sculpted fireplaces and even the floors are speckled with paint to introduce an ambience and look like nothing you have quite seen before. He has obviously attempted to make his property stand out by starting with a blank canvas and to all intents and purposes it has been a staggering success.

Special features

We were going to call this a family home but in reality it is more like a party home. Outside there are benches ground in cement, inside the beams are created from salvaged driftwood and for some reason there is a soundproof “secret” bedroom and an eight person bathtub. Not your stereotypical family home!

It is fair to say the inside and outside of the property is rustic in look and style. Many of the walls inside the property are painted black and the floors are relatively dark wood giving something of a macabre look. The property also makes use of local stones and pebbles to create very impressionable and eye-catching tables and chairs. The kitchen is relatively small in size but large in stature, with a celebrity kitchen island, beautiful handcrafted wooden chairs and equipment and storage facilities aplenty.

Outside the property

There are statues and stones, ponds and patios as far as the eye can see. The gardens are extremely well manicured although in such a way as to complement the rustic look of the house. There are not many celebrity homes where you see fish swimming around the property.

The artwork we described above is not only inside the property but there are art walls dotted all around the premises. Interestingly, while some people might assume the detachable artwork comes with the property’s asking price of $4.3 million, this is not the case. It is interesting to learn that Rafael Mazzucco already has his next venture planned, an Amish village in rural Connecticut which he bought for $1 million. What does he plan to do with this property?

Watch this space for the Rafael Mazzucco artist commune…..

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