Karen Millen’s former home for sale

Fashion designer Karen Millen lived in a huge mansion by the name of Gransden which is located in the Weald countryside. The property is just one hour from Victoria and available to would-be buyers at a price of £1.45 million. While Karen Millen left the property some years ago it is an integral part of her history, having borrowed £100 to start her fashion empire back in 1981. Her move to the six bedroom Georgian mansion in Wateringbury, Kent marked the turning point in her rags to riches life.

The property itself has a history going back many years and was once owned by rear admiral. It will therefore be no surprise to learn that the property has maintained its original character while some of the fashion accessories inside may be different. These include a huge antique mirror and a Louis XIV style sofa which were left by Miss Millen herself.

First impressions

They say that first impressions last in the world of real estate and Gransden certainly does not disappoint on that score. It has the look of an old worldly home, a house of stature and something with a history going back many years. Even though the exterior does give the impression of a large property within, many will be surprised at the extent of the mansion.

Huge rooms

The first thing that will hit you once you enter Gransden is the huge open plan rooms. The rooms are so large they can make some of the extremely expensive fashionable furniture look tiny. The main living room has a large antique fireplace, light wooden floor, large classical rug and plenty of seating space. There are also numerous pillars and an extremely large mirror just above the fireplace mantel piece. There is more than enough space to relax in and more than enough space to hold a party!

Ground floor reception

The ground floor reception is just what you would expect from a grand mansion. There is a seating area in the corner, an absolutely huge wall mirror (the one left by Karen Millen) not to mention a piano from years gone by. We can just imagine gentry from the area waiting to be called upstairs to see the owner of the house.

Classic kitchen

This is not your stereotypical rich person’s kitchen but a more homely cottage look complete with central table and chairs. This really is a step back in time to the days when kitchens were for cooking in and not seen as a fashion accessory. That said this kitchen has every utensil you might hope for, an array of storage facilities with a lot more room than you might expect.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is absolutely huge and brings together what looks like an office style area in the corner, classic fireplace and a large double bed. The chandelier and the artwork hanging on the walls bring the kind of ambience you would expect from a house with this stature. The large bedroom window must let in an array of natural light in the mornings, what a way to wake up!


The bathroom is a classic black-and-white tile design and like so many other rooms in the property is far bigger than what you think at first glance. However, in tandem with the kitchen, the bathroom is not seen as a fashion item in this property and while it is well designed with a classic look, it is spacious but also functional.

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