Emily Blunt and John Krasinski looking to flip Brooklyn house

As if to perfectly illustrate the nomadic lifestyle of an actor it has been revealed that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have listed their Park Slope home for sale. The 5200 ft.² property has four levels and is listed for $8 million. It would appear that while the celebrity property was just bought in 2015 the investment does not justify the amount of time the couple, with their young family, are able to spend there. So, will they make any money on their 2015 acquisition?

Flipping for a $2 million profit

Assuming that the asking price is reached, the Brooklyn property will bag the celebrity couple a $2 million profit in just two years. It must be extremely difficult to plan ahead in the acting industry because the couple sold their Los Angeles property to move to East Coast and now they are moving on again. At this moment in time it is not clear where they are moving to but perhaps rental accommodation might be the order of the day in the short term?

French Renaissance style home

The Park Slope, Brooklyn property has a French Renaissance style which includes everything from lead stained-glass windows to an intricately designed limestone facade. We know from articles in the past that the celebrity couple spent a lot of money modernising the property, especially the decor.

Historically it had stately woodpanelled walls, yellow toned and off-white colours indicating perhaps it was some time since it was last revamped. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski brought the look much more up-to-date with fresh white moldings, grey walls and more vibrant furniture. This was done in a way which still preserved the history and the look of the original design but made it more accommodating for a modern day family.

Living space

The living room in this huge mansion is lived in, cluttered in a nice way and contains an array of beautifully aged expensive furniture. The large bedrooms also take in the old world style with extended windows bringing in an array of natural light. The decor colours are subtle yet eye-catching, the furniture is again stylish and these rooms are extremely spacious. The bathrooms are a pleasure on the eye with lead stained glass windows, floor-to-ceiling marble, wood decor and an extremely large shower area.


At first glance the kitchen looks on the small side but while it is fairly narrow it is extremely long. Quite how they have managed to inject the stereotypical kitchen island with maximum floor space, storage facilities and kitchen equipment is a mystery. The large windows bring in a mass of natural light and look out over the patio where no doubt a party or two has been held.

There is also an outdoor eating area which is fenced off for privacy, looks like an open-air living room with a mass of space and sitting areas. When the weather allows we can imagine this must be something of a sun trap.

Selling up

A potential $2 million profit over a two-year period, before redecoration expenses, is not a bad return for Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. This is the second time they have been forced to move because of work commitments but in the acting industry you have to make money while you are still a big name. The nomadic lifestyle cannot be easy with a young family but a $2 million comfort payment will compensate somewhat for that lifestyle!

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