Cody Leibel acquires former home of country musician Reba McEntire

Cody Leibel is reported to be the youngest homeowner in the history of the Beverly Park, California celebrity compound. This is an area of the world which is covered wall-to-wall with celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy and Sylvester Stallone. We can now add the name of Cody Leibel to that growing list of celebrity neighbours. So, how much does it cost to book a place at the Beverly Park, California table?

Buy a ticket for $25.15 million

Many people will not be aware of Cody Leibel but they will be in the future as he is a high-end property developer and also heir to his father’s massive Canadian construction fortune. So, while a pricetag of $25.15 million may have scared off some potential buyers, it is but pocket change to Cody Leibel!

The property has a Mediterranean inspired theme, from when it was built in 1993, but it was renovated after Reba McEntire sold the house. Records indicate that the sale was valued at $22.25 million back in 2015 which would indicate an uplift of 10% of so over the last couple of years. We will now take you through the property and you might then understand why it demands such a high valuation.

Bedrooms and bathrooms galore

The main property sits on around 2 acres of prime land and offers six bedrooms and seven bathrooms covering 11,600 ft.² of living space. However, this is not your traditional high-end property!

If we were to tell you the property includes a grand foyer, living room (with its own wet bar), study/lounge, modern kitchen and a formal dining room, would that tempt you? Maybe we can tempt you a little further with news of a wine vault opposite the breakfast room – perhaps not the best thing to see in the morning if you have had a heavy night?


The property has its own swimming pool, which goes without saying, as well as a spa, immaculately landscaped garden and array of tall palm trees. There is also a 2000 square-foot pavilion situated by the swimming pool which offers a second kitchen, living room and wood-vaulted ceilings. Hidden behind a hedge round the back of the pavilion you have your own tennis court.

There is no doubt that money has been no object with this particular property in relation to the renovation and immaculate upkeep. It is believed the property was originally listed for $29.995 million which we can only assume attracted little in the way of interest. When you can drop it by more than $4 million you know you are in the big league.

Impressive track record

Cody Leibel has an impressive track record in the real estate market having sold his Beverly Crest home to Katy Perry earlier this year. He was also behind one of the most expensive property transactions ever agreed in the Hollywood Bird Street neighbourhood – another area which is dominated by celebrities. While Cody Leibel is often described as the heir to a Canadian construction fortune it is somewhat unfortunate that this seems to overshadow his growing reputation in real estate development.

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