Dolly Parton’s former Nashville home yours for $1.2 million

Despite being in the industry for many many years Dolly Parton is still a name which is recognised around the world. She has a following in the millions, continues to roll out hit after hit and we know where there will be interest in her former Nashville home which is now on the market at $1.2 million. So, what does Dolly Parton’s former home look like and what do you get for $1.2 million?

The basics

Situated at 3146 Glencliff Road, Nashville, Tennessee this is a four-bedroom house with three full bathrooms. The property was built back in 1941 and boasts an impressive 4795 ft.² of living space with the house set amongst 2.4 acres of land. Even though property was sold 21 years ago to fans of Dolly Parton she still has a presence in the house!

Entering the property

Before we begin to look inside Dolly Parton’s former home there is a quirky entrance to the first floor at the side of the building. The red stairs lead up to an entrance door so not only can you enter on the ground floor but you can take a side entrance to the first floor. This certainly is something a little different?

Large garden

The “backyard” is not what many of us would call a traditional backyard because in reality it has its own forest and grounds. Indeed it should be considered a “short walk” to go from the house to the outskirts of the property. There is also a decked area with swing chair, table and traditional chairs for those long hot summer days. Interestingly the property has a number of canopies which make it look like something out of “Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory” but it certainly is easy on the eye.

Venturing inside

When Dolly Parton and her partner sold the property 21 years ago she left an array of merchandise for the new buyer. There is a “Dolly Parton corner” just under the stairwell where you can sit and chill out under a signed poster of the lady herself. Those who are interested in the property will be glad to know this merchandise is also included in the price.

Period kitchen

The kitchen is probably in need of updating/renovation with cream cupboards and stainless steel equipment not quite going together. The chequered floor tiling also looks a little tired and dated but on the plus side there is more than enough space to create your own standout kitchen. The sale images with the listing seem to show the property has been relatively untouched for some time perhaps a conscious effort to leave it as “Dolly” had it?

The bedrooms and bathrooms also continue the cream/black colouring which was popular at one time but is not particularly on trend at the moment. All in all this is a very quirky and eye-catching property which also has the feel of a Hansel and Gretel type home. We are sure that a $1.2 million asking price will attract much attention and while the renovation may not be particularly cheap this is a home with character.

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