Hawaii property listed for record $70 million

A property in Hawaii has been listed for a record-breaking $70 million according to the Wall Street Journal. The estate is situated in Kauai, Hawaii which is the same area as Mark Zuckerberg and his $100 million estate. As a side note, those who follow celebrity real estate dealings will be well aware that Zuckerberg threatened to sue an array of native Hawaiians in order to expand his property empire although bad press forced him to back off. So, what does this record Hawaiian property listing have to offer?

The basics

Well, if we tell you that the property comes with a working farm which has coconut, palm and citrus trees this will probably start to set the scene. The property is referred to as Hale ‘Ae Kai covering a 15 acre site which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. These views are exquisite and obviously have a major impact upon the proposed selling price.

The property has been owned for some time by former Morgan Stanley leading light William H Strong and his wife Sandi. Using wealth no doubt accumulated from the financial sector the couple built the house and have, wait for it, been renting it out for a staggering $10,000 a night. We can safely assume that these types of property are in short supply and if they had a 100% occupancy rate this would bring in a staggering $3.65 million a year.

So what does the property have to offer?

The main house is split into four individual pavilions with each pavilion effectively a different area of the main house. When we tell you there is a staggering 1100 ft.² master suite would you be impressed? What if we said there were both indoor and outdoor showers attached to the master suite? Well, that is the reality for anybody looking to buy this particular property. There is also a media room, gym, swimming pool and, as we touched on above, a working farm with coconut, palm and citrus trees.

The kitchen

The kitchen is absolutely enormous with a stepped central aisle where you can eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner while looking out over the Pacific Ocean. As with other areas of the house, everything has a wooden design which fits perfectly with the area. The kitchen has all the mod cons you could ever hope for, a marble floor, enough floor space to hold a party never mind the outdoor seating area. We can only imagine how many people this kitchen and outdoor seating area can accommodate – lots!

Living room

The first thing that hits you about the living room is the roof which has all of the wooden beams visible and an integral part of the room design. Again, dark wood is very prevalent right across this particular room which also has a wooden floor. There are huge windows around the whole of the living room allowing guests to relax on the wicker sofas and check out the blue sky and blue seas of the Pacific. Exquisite!

The gardens

As you would expect from a property of this nature there is a large garden area which is perfectly manicured and a sight to behold. There is also another area of the property which appears to have been left to nature giving a rural look. These two very different garden scenarios complement each other perfectly as do the four pavilions which house different areas of the main property.

The look, feel and the views connected with this property really are a sight to behold and we expect the property won’t be on the market for very long. However, will the $70 million asking price be achieved?

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