David Bowie’s former Essex House condo for sale at $6.5 million

While the description may give the impression this was one of David Bowie’s English homes, this is actually an apartment overlooking New York’s Central Park. It is believed that David Bowie and his wife Iman lived there between 1991 and 2002 prior to the singers unfortunate death in 2016. While the property has changed hands on numerous occasions since 2002, there are still many elements of David Bowie’s time in the property. It is also an extremely stylish property!

The basics

The Essex House condo offers 1877 ft.² of living space with three bedrooms (two of which are master size) together with ensuite bathrooms made of custom marble, porcelain and limestone. In a sign that David Bowie most certainly lived here, there is a rain shower and heated floors which perfectly tie-up with his environmentally friendly attitude to life.

The property was converted into a condominium hotel in 1974 and to this day residents are still able to access the five-star hotel services for their monthly charge. While the asking price today is a staggering $6.495 million we do know that it changed hands back in 2010 for $4.45 million.

David Bowie’s footprint

We know the David Bowie left behind a Yamaha piano and the custom-made panel dressing room built for his wife Iman is still there today. There are some quirky hidden shelves in the living room but perhaps the most eye-catching element of the property was the former panic room. When you are a star of the magnitude of David Bowie, together with his superstar model wife Iman, unwanted attention from fans must be a problem. Therefore, during their time in the property they converted a water closet into a panic room although it has since reverted back to its original use.

Style upon style

Whether you are looking at the ensuite bathroom with tiled walls, large shower area and stylish mirror or the views over Central Park, everything about this property radiates style and fashion. The large size bedrooms are also adorned with expensive furniture, stylish furnishings and offer a private getaway to relax. While they all have their specific style and decor colourings the wooden floor is visible throughout.

The kitchen is not your stereotypical celebrity kitchen as it is more functional than fashionable. There are storage facilities aplenty, tiled floor, the latest kitchen equipment and utensils but thankfully no kitchen island. This must be one of the first properties in a while where there has not been the stereotypical kitchen island which takes up an extreme amount of space. So, you have the equipment, storage facilities, do you have the skills to cook for your friends and family?

Last but not least

Last but not least there is an extremely stylish, fashionable and characteristic living area which is adorned with beautiful chairs all brought together by the red and cream decor. However, the icing on the cake is the large windows which offer stunning views over Central Park and the rest of New York. David Bowie may have left the property in 2002 along with his wife Iman but he has certainly left a footprint which is still visible to this day.

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