Natalie Portman and her jawdropping California real estate purchase

Natalie Portman is back in the US with a new baby and what can only be described as a jawdropping real estate purchase. The 35-year-old face of Miss Dior has been living in Paris for two years and while she retained her Los Angeles property while in France she has been back in the market to purchase a property in Montecito, California. What is the price of this property? A staggering $6.5 million!

More than 10 acres of panoramic views

Before we look at the property in more detail the basic statistics are that this is a four-bedroom, five bathroom home which has nearly 4000 ft.² of floor space. Situated on a hill in Santa Barbara County it offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The property itself was designed by Barton Myers with a focus upon the indoor/outdoor life. The property is made entirely of steel, glass and concrete which may sound very industrial but somehow it has turned out perfectly.

Indoor/outdoor kitchen

It seems as though as much of this property is indoors as is outdoors which gives it a very rustic and a very natural feel. The kitchen has everything you could hope for with all the mod cons perfectly placed and an array of storage facilities. The breakfast bar/kitchen island has some very quaint seating arrangements although there is a more formal seating table as well. This “room” can be converted from indoor to outdoor by simply bringing closing the enormous glass windows.

Living room

As we mentioned above, there is an enormous amount of glass in this particular property which creates an abundance of natural light. The living area is dominated by the large windows but there is also a very eye-catching fire as well. The more homely look of this particular room is demonstrated by the sofa and relaxation chairs not to mention the array of books lined up on the bookshelves. This room is compact, spacious, homely yet very different all in one go. How did the designer do that?

Master bedroom

The master bedroom looks over the Pacific Ocean and this must be a sight to behold first thing in the morning. The crisp white/cream colour of the master bedroom is contrasted with the dark wooden furniture and relaxing chairs. At first glance it looks fairly basic but there are enormous wardrobes and a soaking tub will certainly catch your eye. The room is stylish but minimalistic, offers plenty of natural light but is also very private. So many contrasts!

Outdoor seating area

There is an outdoor seating area with basic wooden table and chairs which perfectly fits the scene. You can see for miles over the Pacific Ocean on a clear day and we can only imagine how relaxing this must be. When you contrast the hustle and bustle of business life for Natalie Portman with the relaxed life of her new California property, does it get any better?

Outdoor life with an indoor twist

As we touched on above, the whole design of this property revolves around the outdoors with an indoor twist. The lack of traditional brickwork does give it something of an industrial feel but the decor and the furniture contrast between the clinical white master bedroom and the lived in rustic look of the living room work perfectly. It is not difficult to see why Natalie Portman fell in love with this particular property and we can only guess that her long-term residency in Los Angeles will be a little less lived in from now on.

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