Carmen Marc Valvo selling his Bridgehampton home

Fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo has placed his five bedroom picturesque Bridgehampton property on the market with an eye watering pricetag of $8 million. The literature accompanying the sale perfectly illustrates the $8 million pricetag because Carmen Marc Valvo has brought his design skills into his former home. There is so much to say about this property, so much contrast and complimentary designs that it is difficult to know where to start.

Property spec

Offering 4500 ft.² of living space this five bedroom three-storey property can be found at the end of the yellow brick road. Well, not quite the yellow brick road but a long winding private driveway leading to a property which has privacy and style stamped all over it. Situated in 1 acre of land on the Mecox Bay in Bridgehampton the design is a mix of neutral colours and wood which show off the property to perfection.

The money shot

The money shot for this celebrity property is the front view showing a doll-like home in a very old-fashioned style and a property adorned with flowers and shrubs and a large swimming pool at the front. This is not your stereotypical swimming pool because it is actually shaped around the property to perfection. The main area of the house has three floors with the higher floors having their own balcony offering exquisite views. The other side of the property is one story and dominated by an outside patio area.

Outside life

As we touched on above, there are various patio areas, balconies and a unique shaped swim pool offering not only the perfect life in the open but also exquisite views over the surrounding fields. It really does look as though you are living on a farm, with very few properties visible and fields as far as the eye can see.

Living area

The living area appears relatively small but it is packed with an array of stylish sofas, chairs, beautiful curtains, double doors opening onto a patio and an eye catching small horse statue. The light wooden floor fits perfectly with the light cream walls and the white furniture. Wicker chairs give the finishing touch to a property built around nature with a rustic look.


The bedroom furniture is dark wooden in style and gives an old world feel with double doors that open out onto the balcony. The bed is positioned to take full advantage of the double doors facing onto the balcony area. There is no clutter, no massive amount of space but this is a room based around the views and relaxing.

The kitchen

We have left the best till last as this is a kitchen the likes of which we have never seen before. The large cream/light brown tiles perfectly complement the kitchen which is based around the dark wood country rustic look. There is even an old style sink which contrasts perfectly with the top of the range high finish marble tops with brown and black flecks. The kitchen equipment is white and stainless steel and even though this is a rainbow different colours it all comes together. Colourful and rustic, old style with the latest kitchen equipment.

Carmen Marc Valvo, this is a property which you could easily fall in love with!

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