Prince’s Toronto home on market for $12.8 million

The untimely death of the singer Prince caused shockwaves across the music industry with many of his fans distraught at what was deemed to be an accidental overdose. For those hoping that Prince’s personal affairs would be far simpler after his death than they were during his life they will be sadly disappointed. Despite an array of advisers looking after his wealth it was confirmed that he died without a will in place which makes the situation even more complicated.

Real estate portfolio

The star of Prince’s real estate portfolio is his Paisley Park estate, which opened as a museum after his death, although he does hold properties in Turkey and a 2 acre mansion in the Bridle Path/Post Road area of Toronto. The Paisley Park estate itself has been valued at a conservative $200 million and with the Toronto property now up for sale at a whopping $12.8 million – he was certainly as good at investing in property as he was a singer/songwriter.

It is unclear at this moment in time why the Toronto property has been put up for sale but what we do know is that the property bears all the hallmarks of Prince and everything that he stood for.

A look at Prince’s Toronto property

To give you a taster of what the property has to offer, some of the rooms have purple carpets and many of the glass doors are embossed with his famous symbol. This is a man who did it his way but he also seemed to have a great eye for real estate and long-term investments. The 14,280 ft.² property was home for Prince and his second Manuela Testolini between 2001 and 2006. When we also tell you that it had an array of cathedral ceilings, courtyard, fitness room, sauna, garden, pool and tennis court, you will start to get the picture.

An aerial view of the Toronto property shows this enormous mansion with an array of add-on such as tennis courts, swimming pools, etc. This is not your stereotypical showbiz property because while Prince may well have put his own stamp on his former home, he has not gone over the top.

Marble floors and open plan rooms

It would be fair to say that there is minimal furniture in some of the larger rooms although the marble floors and the array of windows certainly give some of the rooms a regal feel. Even the master bedroom has minimal furniture although many of the wardrobes are built into the wall and very subtle. What is prevalent right across the property is the array of windows offering natural light and some breathtaking views.

One of the living areas has the strongest trademark from Prince with a purple carpet, purple seating area and purple walls. While this may sound kind of garish it does actually give a warm welcoming feel. In reality this is probably the only room where Prince has left his own individual stamp because even the dining area is decorated in neutral colours although there are some rather quirky dining chairs!

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