Billy McFarland’s troubles continue with sale of $7.5 million penthouse

Described as the “Meatpacking penthouse” where Billy McFarland, the organiser of the recent Fyre Fest, lived there are conflicting reports about the reasons behind the sale. It is common knowledge that Billy McFarland was arrested on charges relating to the Fyre Fest music festival in the Bahamas although his financial affairs seem to be worsening by the minute. There are rumours that while he is currently out on bail, seeking a plea deal, he does not have the funds available to even appoint a defence attorney.

Those who have followed this story will be aware that the music festival hit the headlines when fans arrived to see the site had no running water, no adequate food or even musical acts. No doubt the true story will emerge in due course but what about the £7.5 million penthouse sale?

345 W. 14th Street

Situated at 345 W. 14th Street, New York this stylish bachelor pad penthouse was recently on the market with a rental value of $25,000 a month. The property itself has over 2000 ft.² of living space, three bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms and what is described as a “very swanky terrace”. Records indicate the penthouse was acquired for $6.24 million back in 2013 so a sale price of $7.5 million would certainly help Billy McFarland finances.

The views from this penthouse are amazing through the floor-to-ceiling windows which also allow in natural light. Each of the rooms is dominated by floor-to-ceiling windows with the only downside being it is perhaps not suitable for those with a fear of heights!


The kitchen has a very stylish L-shaped island in the middle and is dominated by black/dark brown furniture and barstools. This goes well with the dark shaded wooden floors and there is a small dining area adjacent to the kitchen with a fashionable table and comfortable chairs. While not the biggest kitchen in the world it is impressive to see how a kitchen of this size has been slotted in to what is a very busy penthouse design.


The bedroom is dominated by a huge window on the side wall and a smaller wide window above the bed. In some ways it does look as though you are sleeping in the open but the views in the daytime and especially the evenings must be amazing. As with the kitchen, much of the furniture across this penthouse is dark wood with feature walls to match. Then you also have the ensuite bathrooms which are surprisingly large in dimensions.

Terraced area

As we touched on above there is a “very swanky terrace” where you can enjoy relaxing in the fresh air. Surprisingly large, this terraced area could certainly accommodate a fair number of people and must be especially appealing on those warm summer evenings.

Sale Price

It will be interesting to see whether the investment vultures are hovering over Billy McFarland’s penthouse and will try to chip away at the price for a quick sale. Rumours are rife about his personal financial affairs and we know that the world of business and especially real estate is cutthroat to say the least.

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