Allan Houston puts New York mansion on the market from $19.5 million

While Allan Houston had his NBA career cut short by chronic knee issues he certainly made more than enough money during his New York Knicks tenure to get by! Back in 2001 he signed a $100 million contract and in 2006 he found his dream home in New York’s affluent Westchester County. The property itself is part of the Conyers Farm private enclave away from the prying eyes of the general public and offering much needed privacy and downtime to celebrities. So, what should you expect for your $19.5 million?

Allan Houston’s New York mansion

As yet we do not have any indication about the price that Allan Houston paid back in 2006 but we do know it is on the market for a staggering $19.5 million today. However, this is no normal run-of-the-mill property, it has been heavily customised and a significant amount of money invested in redevelopment.

If we tell you there are a staggering 26 rooms in this property which include eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms you will then get an idea of the size of the home and exactly what you get for your $19.5 million. The sales brochure confirms that the property covers 19,000 ft.² and comes with what is described as an “oversize” great room, music room with domed gilded ceiling and a stately dining room. As if this was not enough, these rooms open onto a tiered terrace which gives you exquisite views of the lake and the perfectly manicured gardens.

Upper level

As well as the extremely large master suite there are multiple guestrooms all of which have ensuite marble baths, separate dressing rooms and access to an array of relaxation/media rooms. With his contacts and his associates we would suggest that Allan Houston made full use of his guest facilities during and after his illustrious NBA career.

When you take into account the ground floor and the upper level this is the kind of property you could get lost in. The ability to hold social events and parties downstairs yet find peace and quiet in the upper floors is a godsend. It is also worth noting that there is 24-hour security which offers a high level of privacy and you are just 50 minutes from New York City.

Personal customisation

As you might expect from a basketball star with a £100 million contract, Allan Houston built his very own indoor basketball court. He went a step further with regards to the quality of the flooring which is made of cherry wood and also has matching walls and a raised ceiling. They say you have to practice to become the best, well we can only guess it must have been a privilege to practice on this indoor court!

The wooden effect design is also very prominent in the trophy room which highlights the course of Allan Houston’s career. When you also throw in a swimming pool, fitness center, steam room, spa, terracing, putting green as well as a four room master suite, this does give an indication of the size of the property. Such is its reputation and presence that back in 2007 Barack Obama held a presidential campaign fundraiser in the house – although it is understood he did not get to use the basketball court!

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