Beverly Hillbillies mansion for sale at $350 million

The Beverly Hillbillies story centred round Jed Clampett then a simple mountaineer who basically struck oil one day and sold his land for between $25 million and $100 million. This story goes back to 1962 and with barely believable riches in their back pocket he moved his family up to Beverly Hills. The Chartwell Estate in Bel-Air, Los Angeles was used rather sparingly in the opening shots for the Beverly Hillbillies and is now up for sale for a staggering $350 million.

Most expensive listing in the USA

At this moment in time Chartwell is listed at $100 million more than its nearest competitor, yet another property in Bel-Air. The French neoclassic design dominates the 25,000 ft.² mansion with the whole development spread across 10.3 acres of prime land. To put this into perspective, many have been commenting on the fact the value of this property is more than the GDP of some African nations!

Before we take a look at the other high priced properties available across the US you may be surprised to learn that Chartwell has its own formal salon, ballroom and what is described as a “world-class” temperature controlled wine cellar. There are also well manicured gardens as far as the eye can see, 75 foot swimming pool, tennis court, pool house and covered parking for 40 vehicles. This is some property!

History of Chartwell

The property was originally built back in 1933 and now offers panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean and downtown Los Angeles. It was acquired back in 1986 by Jerrold Perenchio, who turned around the Spanish-speaking Univision channel, in the process turning himself into a billionaire. Over the years, prior to his death in May 2017, he acquired numerous properties adjacent to Chartwell as he began to expand the grounds of his already enormous home. It is believed that he acquired the Wallace Neff guesthouse as well as the former home of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Money was no object!

It will be interesting to see what happens to the property in light of Jerrold Perenchio’s passing and whether potential buyers for Chartwell are able to match the $350 million asking price.

Other expensive properties in the USA

Prior to the listing of Chartwell for a staggering $350 million Hugh Hefner attempted to grab the crown of most expensive property in the US when listing the Playboy Mansion with a $200 million pricetag. As it happens he eventually sold the property for “just” $100 million. We then have Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone who listed her Los Angeles home for $200 million, a property which once belonged to Aaron Spelling.

More recently a newly built 38,000 ft.² Bel-Air mansion in California hit the market for $250 million. This property boasts 21 bathrooms, five bars, a four lane bowling alley, helipad and a 40 seat theatre. To those in the billionaire bracket size and price is everything although the listing of Chartwell for $350 million has blown all other contenders out of the water.

Some experts believe that while the property is spectacular maybe now is not the right time to achieve the target price of $350 million. Time will tell………………but times have certainly changes since the Beverly Hillbillies came to town!

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