Barack Obama buys $8.1 million Washington DC property

Since Barack Obama left office there’s been much speculation about his future plans and indeed where he may decide to live in the short term. Since leaving office he has been renting a property in Kalorama, a neighbourhood of Washington DC. However, the speculation is now over as not only have the Obama’s decided to stay in Washington DC but they have actually acquired the property they have been renting!

Extended stay in Washington DC

It looks as though family issues have effectively led to the acquisition of a Washington DC property with Barack Obama stating the family will be there for at least 2 ½ years. This would seem to tie in perfectly with the graduation of the youngest family of the Obama family. As we all know, stability is vital for children and we can only guess what the Obama family has been through together in their time at the White House.

So what do you get for $8.1 million?

It makes perfect sense to acquire the property they have been renting when you bear in mind how much they would be paying in rent and the potential for long-term capital growth. The property itself is a Tudor style home with nine bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, large gardens and some fairly dramatic decor. This is not your stereotypical home but more of a statement and an investment!

As you look at the property from the outside it does have the look of a small castle and the Tudor style certainly shines through. As you enter the front door your eyes will be mesmerised by the black and white checked tile floor and the staircase which leads up to the second floor. If you thought this was the more striking decor of the property then think again as there are many different styles, colours and textures right across the property. Indeed, the second floor is dominated by light hardwood flooring, crisp white crown and base moulding and pale grey walls.

Living room

The living room is a fairly sedate room, which goes with the relaxation theme, with grey and blue decor as well as a classic fireplace. As with all of the rooms in the property there is an abundance of natural light which makes for an airy, relaxing and spacious environment. The furniture in this room is subtle but you can tell from the design and the texture that this is top of the range.

Kitchen/dining area

Kitchen/dining area consists of a light wooden floor, an array of storage facilities and the now obligatory kitchen island. However, this is not your standard run-of-the-mill decor, just take one look at the marble worktop, the design and colour will certainly catch your eye. You will also notice an array of mod cons subtly hidden away in various areas of the kitchen which is spacious and modern.

The dining area is towards the bottom end of the open plan kitchen and is more relaxed as opposed to formal. While not the main dining room this is more of a family area where the Obama’s can likely sit down and chat about their day.

Stylish yet subtle

If you take a look through the rest of the house you will see an array of areas to relax, a formal dining area and outside sitting space. What does hit you is the fact that the property itself is striking with the Tudor design, the furniture is obviously extremely expensive but it offers more of a subtle decor than you see from many celebrities. The general theme is not garish (there are some elements of the décor that will catch you eye!), it is not run-of-the-mill and put simply, it looks like a great place to live.

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