Barack Obama’s former Brooklyn home up for sale

While Barack Obama has not lived in his former Brooklyn home since the 1980s, when he lived there with his girlfriend, this has not stopped real estate agents using the former president’s name to promote the property. The Brooklyn property is on the market for the first time in over 20 years with a price tag of $4.3 million. When you bear a mind the history of its former resident it is difficult to see this property not selling very quickly at or around the asking price. A house is a house, but the house which was home to the previous president is something very different!

640 2nd Street Brooklyn

Back in the 1980s the Brooklyn property was split into flats although now it is a single family residence with five bedrooms set in 3860 ft.² of floor space. The property was originally commissioned back in 1903 and spans three floors and rather surprisingly, given the developments, the authentic look and feel of the property has certainly been maintained. Indeed it is believed there are not only stained glass windows in the property but four fireplaces and various carved wooden panels. At a time when many property investors are far too keen to strip away the history of a home it is refreshing to see this particular property maintaining its former glory.

As we touched on above, the property itself has not been on the market for more than 23 years and there is no doubt that there will be significant interest.

A look around Barack Obama’s former Brooklyn home

Looking from the outside in you can see the character and the age of the property with an array of large windows shining more than enough light into the property. If you step into the living room you can see the wood panels mentioned previously which give the property an old world feel which is complemented by the furniture. The wooden floor does give some rooms a cold feel but this really is something from the history books which should be cherished.

Bearing in mind that the property is located in Brooklyn it is surprising to see a sizeable garden towards the rear. This is the perfect location to relax or perhaps have a few friends around for a party if the weather is suitable. The bedrooms are rather strange in shape with the beds kind of built into the wall leaving sufficient space to add wardrobe and a rather large fireplace. Moving onto the kitchen, this is certainly narrower than you would expect but it does house the latest in kitchen gadgets and there is a surprisingly spacious dining room area.

Fans everywhere! We can only imagine this kind of property must be fairly hot in the summer because there are fans located in the living area and guest bedrooms. These are rather large fans and they will certainly reduce the temperature on those hot steamy summer evenings.

How long before it sells?

The current owners of this property have done very well to maintain the character and the look from back in 1903. The property itself is adorned by wood panels and wood flooring which can give a cold feel but certainly adds character. When you add in the name of Barack Obama we can only imagine the growing interest in this property and we would be surprised to see it on the market for too long!

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