Meg Ryan and her $9 million Tribeca purchase

Is believed that Meg Ryan has been looking for a new property for some time now with records indicating she is behind a recent $9 million Tribeca purchase. Like so many celebrities before her, it seems as though the allure of 443 Greenwich Street, Tribeca was too much. So, what can Meg Ryan expect from her new $9 million investment?

The neighbourhood

It was interesting to see that the property was purchased through a limited liability corporation by the name of “Third World Dog Trust” but then again there are various tax incentives. Even the quickest of glimpses at the building will take your breath away because it manages to capture that old world look with a modern day twist. So, who will Meg Ryan live next to?

The neighbourhood reads like a Who’s Who of the modern day media with Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, actress Jennifer Lawrence and last but not least One Direction star Harry Styles. We can only imagine the party lifestyle this neighbourhood could have!

The property

There’s been much competition for apartments at 443 Greenwich Street which is perhaps one reason why there was only “a small discount” of around $320,000 on the property. This brought the final sale price down to $9.38 million but this discount is nowhere near that received by Justin Timberlake and his good wife!

Records show that Justin Timberlake and his wife managed to negotiate a $7 million discount on their apartment building. The fact that the asking price was reduced from $27.5 million down to $20.18 million perhaps reflects the reason for the discount but it is still substantial to say the least. It also shows that property developers like to get “anchor” celebrities into their quality abodes as it can then prove easier to sell to other apartments to other celebrities. However, a $7 million discount is something else.

Amenities at 443 Greenwich Street

Meg Ryan will have her own ideas for the sixth floor property she has just acquired but she will be well aware of the amenities at 443 Greenwich Street. These include a child’s playroom, gym, Turkish bath, temperature -controlled wine cellar, 5000 ft.² landscaped roof terrace and a 71 foot indoor swimming pool. When you also take into account each of the parking spots is fitted with an electric charging station this really is the ultimate in celebrity abodes!

These are the type of properties where privacy is of the utmost importance, something which is most certainly reflected in the valuation of each apartment.

Busy times for Meg Ryan

Over the last few months we have seen a number of celebrities switching properties, with Meg Ryan in the process of selling her former New York home for a staggering $10.9 million. The property at 84 Mercer Street in Soho is expected to complete fairly soon although we would guess she’s not short of a few million dollars while the deal goes through.

In this day and age there are very few celebrities who do not have some kind of exposure to the US and worldwide real estate markets. It is surprising to see how many celebrities are active investors, often switching properties to take a profit and reinvesting in better value destinations. The sometimes dopey characters they play on screen may not reflect their real life!

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