Is Angelina Jolie looking at the Cecil B DeMille Estate?

There is no doubt that the life of Angelina Jolie, her children and her former partner Brad Pitt have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. What was billed as a mutual divorce settlement has at times threatened to boil over and become very nasty. However, if the word on the street is correct Angelina Jolie could be on the verge of acquiring the Cecil B DeMille Estate in Los Angeles.

Rumour mill in overdrive

Is there anything that you can do in secret in America? Angelina Jolie has been very discreet about her alleged interest in the Cecil B DeMille Estate but the news does appear to have leaked out. This property is located inside the gates of Laughlin Park in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. If the rumours are correct the lady in question is said to have made an offer but whether it has been accepted or is anywhere near the $24.95 million asking price is unknown at this moment in time.

The Cecil B DeMille Estate is currently owned by novelist Richard Grossman and art consultant Lisa Lyons who have a history in making good returns on their property investments. Is it just a coincidence that many of their properties in the past have been sold to celebrities or are they very well-connected?

What do you get for $24.95 million?

The property covers 11,000 ft.² offering six bedrooms and a phenomenal 10 bathrooms! Originally acquired back in 1916 for just $28,000 DeMille lived there until his death in 1959. Back in those days a $28,000 property purchase was a big deal although when you bear in mind he also owned the neighbouring property, previously owned by Charlie Chaplin, you can perhaps guess the rest? He decided to link the two properties via a “breezeway” using the additional property as production offices and a screening room. The main house covers 7500 ft.² with an additional 3500 ft.² in the adjoining property giving more than enough space for a large family and the ability to entertain and accommodate friends.

There is also a detached garage, small tea house above the swimming pool, large pool house, fitness room and a spacious guesthouse. All in all, the idea to pull the two properties together and undertake additional building on the 2.1 acres of land has certainly increased the value of the overall property.

Near Brad Pitt

It is also worth taking into account the fact that Brad Pitt lives just a stone’s throw away from the Cecil B DeMille Estate. Inevitably the warring couple will need to come to some kind of arrangement with regards to custody of their children which will involve both of them. So, while nothing is yet confirmed about a potential offer it does seem to make sense and the pieces of the jigsaw fall perfectly into place.

Even though Angelina Jolie has a habit of attracting press coverage it is unlikely that she was the direct leak to the press. While both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie know how to “work the press” they are extremely protective of their children and their privacy.

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