Expand your free property education while you self-isolate from the Coronavirus

As the effect of Coronavirus causes thousands, even millions, of people to go into self-isolation around the world, Property Forum is launching a campaign to highlight how people can use their time in isolation in a positive way….namely, by furthering their property education. #EducateWhileYouIsolate

Use your free time to your advantage

These unique circumstances provide us with something many of us lack in normal day-to-day life, and that’s free time. You can choose to fill that free time by learning new property investment or development skills, educating yourself on the latest property investment strategies and filling the gaps in your property knowledge.

Now is the ideal time to educate yourself, so that you are at an advantage when the Coronavirus is past its peak and the markets begin to settle. The knowledge you equip yourself with now, will be a powerful asset to help you get back on track with your property goals more quickly, and make the most of 2020.

Property Forum’s FREE educational resources

We provide a wealth of FREE and heavily discounted property education resources where you can learn more about property investment strategies, and get help and support in your current situation (if you are already part-way through an investment or development). This article guides you through the resources we have available for you to grow your property investment knowledge at this time. We’ve separated our resources into key topics to help you navigate to the areas that interest you most.

The educational assets we can offer you include ebooks, expert articles, mentorships and chat forums.


We have a wide selection of property investment ebooks that are completely free for all Property Forum members to download. (Membership on Property Forum is completely free and you can sign up easily here). The ebooks we have available include:

Top ten mistakes to avoid with Buy-to-Let
• The investor’s guide to HMOs
• The investor’s guide to Passive Income
• The investor’s guide to Rent to Rent
• The investor’s guide to Lease Options
• The investor’s guide to Holiday Lets
Building Wealth with USA Investment Properties

If you are unsure which specific property investment strategy interests you most, we would recommend our CEO Nicholas Wallwork’s For Dummies book “Investing In International Real Estate”. The book covers over 10 property investment strategies that can work in any country across the world, including property development, HMOs, lease options, Rent-to-rent and many more. It’s the perfect in-depth reading for anyone who wants to build a solid foundation of all investment strategies. You can buy the book directly from amazon here.

We also offer ebooks on mindset which is a vital component of being successful in property, in business and in life in general. Our mindset ebooks make excellent complimentary reading to any property investment strategy books, and are highly recommended at this time of uncertainty we are experiencing at the moment. The mindset ebooks we have include:

Positivity for business success
The power of visualisation
The law of attraction


You might feel you’ve already progressed as far as you can from books alone, and are ready for a different level of property education that will actually help you take practical steps forward. This is where a mentorship session can offer incredible value. With many property seminars and events being cancelled at the moment, mentorships offer an education solution that can take place via phone or Skype.

Property Forum’s CEO Nicholas Wallwork shares his 20+ years of experience as a multi-millionaire property investor, developer, entrepreneur and international author in his 1-2-1 mentorship sessions. Each session is completely tailored to your personal circumstances and property goals to give you high value and real, measurable results. The sessions are an affordable way to get expert guidance and advice on a specific topic, strategy, question or problem.

The mentorship sessions are currently on special offer to give you double the amount of education during this time, for no extra cost. Sessions are now 2 hours long, for the price of 1 hour (so you’re getting 100% extra free). In your sessions, Nicholas is able to ‘hit the ground running’ with the advice and value he can give you, as he will have previously asked you to fill in a detailed questionnaire and had a free 20-minute call with you to establish your goals. You can find out more here.
Mentorship sessions can help you with any of the following topics:

✓ Property development strategies
✓ Floor plan design and layouts
✓ Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)
✓ Understanding the process of buying and selling property
✓ Commercial to residential conversations
✓ Care Home to residential conversions
✓ Property Investment & development financing (including mortgages, bridge loans, mezzanine finance, land and development loans, equity fund raising, Joint Ventures and more)
✓ Rent to Rent strategies
✓ Lease option strategies
✓ Serviced Accommodation
✓ Investing internationally and much much more…


We have over 20 forums dedicated to specific property topics. This gives you thousands of targeted conversations from other investors and developers around the subjects that interest you most. Our forums are designed to share expertise, tips and progress, and offer support to 65,000+ fellow members. Here’s the full list of forums we have that you can use for free:

Buy-to-Let property investment
HMO and MultiLet property
Property Development
Holiday Lets
Other property investment strategies
(like Lease Options, Serviced Accommodation and Rent-to-rent)
Property Finance and loans
Property tax and accounting
Buying overseas property

If you have any general questions around property, we would recommend you start using our General Discussions forum first. Nicholas and the entire Property Forum team are regularly on the forums themselves and look forward to offering their guidance with you there.

Please let us know any additional topics and free educational resources you would appreciate at this time, and our team will do our best to build those for you in the coming weeks.

2 Responses to “Expand your free property education while you self-isolate from the Coronavirus

  1. Yes, now is a great time to learn, but the main thing is to have inancial reserves for this 🙂

  2. Kelly Geeson

    Absolutely. There is so much free education (ebooks etc) available, so it’s a great time to take advantage of more free time to read.


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