Boxer Amir Khan puts his mansion on the market for £1.6 million

Boxer Amir Khan has placed his Bolton mansion on the market for £1.6 million hoping to put behind him a troubled year which has seen family fallouts and accusations aplenty. The beautiful glass fronted house hides an array of luxuries and personalised decor which will grab the attention of many property investor. While Khan has not boxed for some time there are constant rumours of a comeback although nothing definite so far. So, what kind of taste does Amir Khan have and what do you get for £1.6 million?

Spacious two bedroom mansion and more!

The first thing which hits you about Amir Khan’s property is the amazing amount of glass at the front of the building. This must let in a staggering amount of natural light and offer some breath taking views over Bolton. As you would expect from a boxing superstar there are some very personal touches to the property with an indoor swimming pool boasting a boxing glove mosaic with the initials “AK”. There is also a fully equipped gym with a walk in steam room to ensure that you are always at constant peak fitness.

While the property has a pool table and a home cinema (which celebrity home doesn’t nowadays?) there is a rather strange set up with the open plan kitchen upstairs alongside the two bedrooms, dressing room and bathroom. While this itself will turn quite a few heads in the property investment market there is something else you should be aware of!

L-shaped bungalow

There is a very large L-shaped bungalow on the premises which was supposed to be a new home for the former world champion’s parents. This property has four bedrooms, three ensuite bathrooms, a lounge, kitchen, dining room, utility room, conservatory and double garage. While we all love our parents, that is some retirement home! It is perfectly understandable why the sales advert highly recommends visiting the property to get a full feel of what is on offer.

Check out Amir Khan’s gym!

While many celebrity haunts boast a gym we guarantee you will have seen nothing like the one in Amir Khan’s mansion. The floor space is extremely impressive, the amount of fitness machines will take your breath away and whichever area of your body you want to focus on there is something for you. Even though Amir Khan may not be as active in the boxing ring as he used to be it looks as though he still keeps himself fit and well.

Bricks and mortar

Amir Khan was no traditional boxing champion in his heyday and from the looks of things he is no fool when it comes to real estate investment. We have no details of the original cost of the property but we can safely assume that it was built from scratch with the L-shaped bungalow a useful addition before the family feud took hold. It will be interesting to see how much interest there is in the property because it is not your stereotypical celebrity mansion, it is something different, something classy and from the sales literature it would appear to be good value at £1.6 million.

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