Cheryl Cole’s eco-friendly mansion yours for just £5 million

Cheryl Cole, the Girls Aloud star, has put her £5 million Hertfordshire mansion up for sale or rent. The talented singer has been all over the news recently with her much speculated pregnancy and the eventual birth of her baby boy. It seems that Cheryl and her partner Liam, from One Direction, are rejigging their property assets as they get ready for family life. So, what makes Cheryl Cole’s eco-friendly mansion worth a staggering £5 million?

Design award 2014

The property itself received a design award back in 2014 with Living In Space extremely proud of how the development turned out. The idea was that using innovative technology and careful planning the property would incorporate both luxury living and eco-friendly options. The reality is that the property has delivered on all promises and we will now take a look through what was the home of the Geordie superstar Cheryl Cole.

Inside a £5 million eco-friendly mansion

The property itself is rumoured to cover around 8000 ft.² and is situated in the Hertfordshire countryside. There are a staggering six bedrooms in the house and while maintaining the eco-friendly ethos the interior design is exquisite. The first thing that hits you from a distance is the enormous windows at the front of the property which create plentiful lighting. The main area of the property is built on a stilt like structure and there is plenty of wood on display.

Entering the property

We have to say from a distance the property does not look like a £5 million eco-friendly mansion but once you get inside your mind quickly changes. There is a double height glazed entrance hall which has movement sensitive lights and stylish porcelain floor tiles. This sets the tone for the rest of the property.

Extensive accommodation

The six bedrooms include a master bedroom with ensuite, walk-in wardrobe and dressing room. Four of the other six bedrooms also have an ensuite and we can imagine that Cheryl Cole has had many of her family and friends to stay. For those feeling a bit delicate after a night partying there is an indoor swimming pool, complete with sitting area, steam room and a private gym with LED lights. You can also relax in the spacious living area with a riproaring fire and home cinema screen.

Are you hungry?

The kitchen was designed by Lauren Nicholas and is extremely stylish with an array of mod cons but plenty of space to move. There is nothing worse than having all of the mod cons in a designer kitchen but little space in which to make the most of them. Outside entertainment will not be a problem with a barbecue seating area, plant room, wine cellar and your very own bar. This is a property which is set up for the entertaining crowd!

Sustainable resources

The eco-friendly nature of the property should not be underestimated with all bricks handmade and locally sourced, specially designed windows to absorb maximum sunlight, ground source heat pump, water recycling and the latest in solar panel technology. This is one of those properties where you have to be there to appreciate the outside and the interior as well as the eco-friendly nature of the house. There will certainly be no shortage of interest.

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