Celebrity hideaways hit by recent hurricanes

We know that Mother Nature is no respecter of power and money, something which many celebrities have found out during the ongoing hurricane season. As Hurricane Irma continues to batter the Caribbean we have already seen significant destruction of real estate and worse could yet be to come. So, which celebrities have been hit by the recent hurricanes and who is currently on hurricane watch?

Richard Branson

While not many celebrities have their own hideaway island billionaire Richard Branson is today licking his wounds after, in his words, the island of Necker was “pretty much destroyed”. It was revealed that with the hurricane passing overhead the flamboyant businessman was forced to shelter in his wine cellar. We know that over the years he has spent millions upon millions of pounds on the island and he will literally be forced to start again. Necker was one of the most luxurious of celebrity hideaways – what does the future hold?

Eddie Murphy

In similar fashion to Richard Branson, Eddie Murphy owns an island in the Bahamas which experts predict is right in the path of Hurricane Irma. Rooster Cay is Eddie Murphy’s pride and joy although unfortunately it could be in for a serious battering this weekend as the Hurricanes continue to wreak devastation.

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea football club, is known to have a luxurious mansion in Saint Barthelemy. This week the area was hit by hurricane winds with trees uprooted and homes flattened to the ground. While it is too soon to confirm the extent of damage to Roman Abramovich’s mansion hideaway there will likely be a significant rebuilding job to do. Even though Roman Abramovich has more than enough celebrity hideaways, so as not to spoil his holiday season, this mansion appears to have been a favourite.

Johnny Depp

As if things were not bad enough for Johnny Depp, with the recent passing of his mother, his Little Hall’s Pond Cay on the Bahamas is right in the path of the hurricane. We know from recent articles that Johnny Depp has been reducing his real estate exposure, getting his complicated affairs into order. This is yet another blow to what is turning into a nightmare few years for the popular actor.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s real estate portfolio is never far from the headlines in the early days of his chaotic US presidency. However, Hurricane Irma is causing havoc right across the Caribbean, heading towards Cuba and then America. It is known that Donald Trump has a number of luxury properties in the immediate path of the hurricanes with suggestions that his Caribbean mansion on the island of St Martin may already have been flattened.

Oprah Winfrey

Early reports suggest that Oprah Winfrey’s luxury home in Antigua has been battered by the hurricane winds. At this moment in time it is unclear exactly what damage has been caused but the peaceful island of Jumby Bay has certainly taken the brunt of Hurricane Irma. Even though Oprah Winfrey will have more than enough funds available to rebuild her property it is the devastation to the local economy and the local population which will hit her hardest.

More celebrity hideaways in the firing line

There are reports that even more celebrity properties and islands could feel the force of Hurricane Irma with even more potentially stronger hurricanes emerging. There is no doubt that so far we can count the damage to real estate from the last two strong hurricanes in the tens of billions of dollars. Donald Trump’s request for a near $8 billion increase in aid funding will likely need to be increased significantly as it passes through Congress.

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