Did Trump associate request help for Trump Towers Moscow deal?

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s lawyer and vice president of the Trump Organisation at the time, has become a focal point for investigations into Donald Trump’s Russian links. In a damning indictment of communications between Donald Trump’s team and the Russian government, it seems as though assistance was requested to reinvigorate the Trump Towers Moscow deal which had stalled. Dmitri Peskov was apparently the top Kremlin official in communications with the Trump camp with an indication that Vladimir Putin was willing to support Donald Trump’s campaign to become president.

Atrocious timing

The e-mail evidence has been presented to Congress and even if purely business there is no doubt that the timing is atrocious, midcampaign. At a time when Donald Trump is fire fighting to save his reputation, with some questioning his sanity, surely he must look back and shake his head in disbelief. We can only assume that Donald Trump was aware of communications requesting assistance to reinvigorate the Trump Towers Moscow deal but really that is by the by, he had representatives working for him who were mixing business with presidential campaigning.

Collusion with Moscow

Donald Trump’s critics must be rubbing their hands with glee after reading the contents of e-mails with Moscow. We have two major problems to hand, the fact that Donald Trump was looking to use his influence to speed up the Trump Towers project and there was also mentioned of support for his presidential campaign. The fact that Donald Trump even considered, let alone went ahead with, the building of a Trump Towers in Moscow is strange when you bear in mind the difficult relationship with the US.

Will Trump get time to show his real estate prowess?

Real estate investors have been longing for the time when Donald Trump eventually switches at least some of his focus to the real estate market. Even though he continues to attract criticism due to his actions, there is no doubt that he does have experience in the real estate market which is the envy of many. A former billionaire reduced to a bankrupt who later rose from the ashes to resurrect his fortune. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of and movies are built around!

There is growing concern that Donald Trump will not be able to see out his full term in office. Some of his critics are now openly discussing his mental state amid suggestions that he may have “lost it”. The reality is that Donald Trump has his own way of doing things, is not a patsy to the establishment and sometimes opens himself up to criticism and ridicule. However, behind the bizarre activity there is a business brain, a business brain which many in the US had hoped to see more of.


Despite continuous denials of collusion with Moscow and Russian officials there is growing evidence to suggest that not only did Donald Trump look to use his influence to assist with personal business matters but also openly discussed Russian support for his presidential campaign. Even though Donald Trump‘s real estate assets are now the focus of extreme attention from Congress this is not the kind of attention investors had hoped for. We may have seen a resurgence in US real estate under Donald Trump but this is based on expectations that he would eventually deliver on his promises. Will he see out his tenure? Is there now evidence to begin impeachment proceedings? Is Donald Trump losing the backing of the people?

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