Get your Holiday Let ahead of the Staycation Trends.

More Brits than ever are planning for a staycation rather than a holiday abroad, brought on by the impact of both coronavirus and Brexit. In fact, 84% of people are planning for a staycation at some point this year! With the sector looking like it will boom at any moment now, what trends will we see throughout the remainder of this year?

First-time ‘staycationers’ will surely be a new and emerging trend. Many in the UK look to get away from the terrible weather and visit someplace sunny for a change. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic; however, these people will have no choice but to holiday within their native land. By catching on to this new market, holiday let owners can tap into their needs and wants.

Another trend, and new market, coming off the back of COVID-19 involves those ‘working from home.’ People who now work from home may have been doing so for the whole duration of the pandemic. They may feel they deserve that well-earned break in the form of a staycation home. After being cooped up inside for so long, who would not love a change of scenery? If you do work from home, your effort levels may decrease after a while, and your wellbeing will be impacted as a result. Moving into a staycation home can be that much-needed break.

The pandemic has, for better or worse, made everyone evaluate their health and safety. Wherever you go, you will see businesses promoting health and safety as much as they can – not only to fall into government guidelines but also to keep customers happy and feeling safe. People may now choose their staycation destination based on this very factor. For holiday let owners, a heavy emphasis on health and safety is needed more than ever. Read up on what more you could be doing to gain customers’ trust, leading them to choose your staycation residence.

When moving closer to the proposed date of June 21st – when lockdown restrictions will supposedly be lifted fully – many people may book in at the last minute. The UK has gone in and out of lockdowns multiple times, so thousands may book their staycation when they know for a fact another lockdown will not jeopardise it. Holiday let owners can capitalise by offering instant booking, which should see good results.

Lastly, a trend that should catch on for holiday let owners is a growing focus on upgrading accommodation for guests. Since we have all been forced to stay at home, we have found our own safe havens and become used to our surroundings. Holiday let owners must pick up on this aspect and use it to their advantage. Install smart software within the home, or perhaps even a games room. Giving guests options will increase their enjoyment and experience of the stay.

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