The Staycation Season: Get your holiday let ready!

Now that we are beginning to see a return to some sort of normality, many of us will be planning our next holiday. Staycations are looking to be the most popular form this time around as there are still restrictions on travelling overseas. With that being said, what can we as investors do to prepare for this oncoming wave of visitors in the near future?

First of all, it is vitally important to ensure the safety of your visitors. So, a deep clean of your staycation home will be essential. COVID-19 has not gone away yet! In order to better protect your visitors from harm, as well as yourself from any possible legalities, you will need to circulate the air in all rooms, wash all bedding and disinfect all surfaces. You will also need to purchase an air purifier to remove any contaminants – further improving air quality – and steam clean floor tiles, carpets and upholstery. Go that extra mile and ensure protection.

Not only do you have to do a deep clean, but you will also have to maintain your property correctly. Carrying out extra maintenance checks for the exterior, be it any damage to the front door or windows, is much needed in case of any inconveniences to your guests. Say it has been heavily raining, and you have not done your checks. There could be a damaged roof, which would lead to a leaky ceiling and, in turn, an unhappy customer. Internal checks are much needed, too, for safety reasons such as fire or electricity risk. Be sure to do them before it is too late.

Moving further from that, make sure to carry out risk assessments for all aspects of the property. By identifying any risks before they become a reality, you will be protecting your guests from any potential harm. If any harm were to happen and it was down to you being lackadaisical, you could be held liable as a result. Make it clear to your guests what the risks may be surrounding the property and get it down in writing that they understand these risks before their staycation. Go over every possible hazard in your head and think of ways to prevent them from happening.

Security is also a great asset to have for your staycation home. Motion detected lights and security cameras are the perfect way to prevent any crimes from being committed against your property. It will also lead to your guests’ peace of mind as they know they have something to deter criminals from invading their staycation home. Upgrading the locks on doors and windows as well as regularly testing smoke detectors will help create a better sense of security.

Finally, adding in any other ‘extras’ to help make your guests’ visit a memorable one, why not go the extra mile and treat them to a welcome present? Provide as much hand sanitiser as possible, so your guests do not have to worry about purchasing any more during their stay. Maybe even provide them with a list of ‘things to do’ in the area. Anything to make them think about coming again is an excellent business and will not be any hassle for you to get sorted.

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