A hands-off investment product for landlords, designed and built by landlords

For some, being a hands-on landlord has lost all appeal. The government’s extended notice period to protect tenants from eviction during the pandemic, this effort has been tremendously damaging to many landlords, however. Since UK property is the best avenue for their investments, this is a frustrating consequence for budding landlords. Those aiming to build a portfolio for their retirement or financial security have not been able to do so. Currently, to ride out the buy-to-let storm is more than many landlords can take, but is there a solid alternative? We have the solution for you.

If you have ever wanted to be part of a thriving business, helping push the boundaries when it comes to property, then look no further than Redbrick. This development company offers hands-off investments, allowing landlords and property investors to earn market-beating returns in the South East. It is all headed by multi-millionaire real estate developer Nicholas Wallwork.

You may have already seen Nicholas on SKY TV as a ‘dragon style’ investor on Property Elevator or discussing various topics within the industry with other experts on Property Summits. With Nicholas’ recognition as an international author, developer, investor and mentor, it is easy to see why his investment opportunity at Redbrick is attracting attention far and wide in the UK.

Investing in any company hands-off comes down to two things – reputation and track record.

Knowing what you can expect from a developer and, therefore, your investment is incredibly important and should never be overlooked. Therefore, pairing with a successful, proven, and reputable UK developer is the best way to secure your investment. And the best way to assess this is through your due diligence.

With over 35 years of combined property investment experience and an existing, successful property portfolio of circa £30 million, Redbrick has an outstanding track record. They have never lost any money put in by investors and payout regularly when it is time to do so, and have never missed a repayment. Investments start at £100,000 but lead to high, passive returns for little effort. You should have peace of mind knowing the funds are secured through property assets in the holding company as well. Redbrick can be accounted for and relied upon in this department.

If you need extra proof of how your investments will be put into place, then viewings of previous projects can be arranged. You can also arrange viewings to see an example of the property assets your funds will be utilised for, providing you with an open book on how the returns are generated. When speaking with a property developer first-hand, you can gauge just how experienced they are right away. All team members can give you a comprehensive rundown of their build history and the strength of previous works.

It is always customary to have queries surrounding your investment, so feel free to bring them up to a property developer to find out just how well versed they are within the industry. Build up your confidence and get to know where you are investing your money.

For even further proof of the track record, just visit the Property Forum YouTube channel where Nicholas can be seen offering advice, tips and general information at the heart of his properties.

Here he is giving a tour of his second of three HMO property developments in Hampshire: https://youtu.be/a-1X-s02agg.

Find out more, and arrange to meet Nicholas in person for a tour of his development sites, here: https://nicholaswallwork.com/loan-notes/.

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