Rent Donald Trump’s childhood home

New York City is the place and Donald Trump’s name has been plastered all over the website of real estate rental company Airbnb which is advertising the president’s former home for rent. After changing hands a couple of times over the last 18 months it seems that the company will be making full use of its links to the US presidency. Who can blame Airbnb for using Donald Trump’s name to advertise the property when he is a man who is seldom out of the headlines?

Jamaica Estates

The property in question is part of the Jamaica Estates neighbourhood and is situated at 85 – 15 Wareham Place, Queens in New York City. The nostalgia card has been played right across the Airbnb advertising campaign confirming that Donald Trump was born in 1946 and brought back to the family home. It turns out that his parents Fred and Mary Trump were entrepreneurs themselves as Donald Trump’s father apparently built the family home.

A sizeable property

This Tudor style property is able to accommodate up to 20 guests, has five bedrooms with one king bed, seven bunkbeds, two sofa beds and two cribs. For the reasonable price of US$725 a night (or just over $13,000 a month) you can stay in the US president’s former home. Records show the property first hit the market in July 2016 changing hands for $1.65 million after former owners Isaac and Claudia Kestenberg instigated divorce proceedings. However, the price then suddenly jumped to just over $2 million when auctioned by Paramount Realty USA in March this year.

Nothing changes

It would appear that very little in the way of renovations have been carried out over the years with the original kitchen still intact together with many of the original furnishings. While the Tudor style property may not be to everyone’s taste it is a home which has history, style and surely the fact it is Donald Trump’s former childhood home would attract visitors?

Surprisingly, there is little in the way of feedback on the Airbnb website giving the distinct impression there have been a lack of visitors to the property. Whether it is the location, cost, style of property or perhaps its links with Donald Trump, the advertising campaign appears to have been ramped up by Airbnb – perhaps before Donald Trump is forced to fall on his sword?

Donald Trump and real estate

While Donald Trump has a history few could match in the world of real estate it would appear that much of his early wealth was inherited. The fact that his father actually built a property to house his family is perhaps an indication of the interest in real estate running through the family. This has been passed on to Donald Trump’s children and while he has been bankrupt in the past he has clawed his way back into the limelight.

It looks as though opinion is divided as to whether a night at the former childhood home of the US president is an opportunity too good to miss on opportunity to pass by. While everything that Donald Trump touches attracts publicity could it be that potential US and worldwide customers are already growing tired of his style of presidency?

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