Rent a celebrity home through Airbnb

Whether we admit it or not many of us are envious of multi-million dollar celebrity homes which seem to have the view, the decor and the stature. While these multi-million dollar homes may seem literally a million miles away from everyday life, through Airbnb you are now able to rent a celebrity home for the night, weekend or a prolonged period of time. So, how would you go about renting a celebrity home through Airbnb?

Is this the start of a new trend?

Interestingly there seems to be as much demand for older celebrity homes as there is for new celebrities. We will give you a quick rundown of some of the celebrity homes available, what you get for your money and how much they cost.

Charlie Chaplin

Despite the fact that Charlie Chaplin is long gone, his legacy lives on and his LA home is proving very popular amongst fans. It is believed that he lived in this particular property in the 1920s when stopping in Los Angeles. The original property is now part of an apartment complex but you might be surprised to learn you can rent “Charlie Chaplin’s LA residence” for just $120 a night. Yes, you can stay in the same place as the movie superstar, a development which is also rumoured to have been the home of Rudolph Valentino for a short space of time.

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner’s property in Burbank, California is promoted as “Ava Gardner’s love nest” which she shared with her second husband Artie Shaw. The famous American actress and the jazz legend fell in love with this property (built in the 1930s) which they acquired in the 1950s. While not a stereotypical eye-catching, colourful and modern day celebrity home it offers a beautiful place to relax with exceptional views. There is a large library and detached studio for musicians all for just $85 a night!

Denzel Washington

While this Malibu property is promoted as the former home of Denzel Washington it is easy to forget the breathtaking hilltop views, eight bedrooms, Jacuzzi and detached gym. Again, this is not a stereotypical extravagant property but simply a place to relax, enjoy the view for just $330 a night. It seems as though this service, offered by Airbnb, on the whole is focused on the experience and the place as opposed to just the former celebrity owner.

Kevin Jonas

While the above properties certainly offer value for money, Kevin Jonas placed his property on Airbnb for a staggering $18,200 a night! He believes his Denville pad is perfect for those looking to enjoy the Super Bowl in style and we can only guess at the type of luxuries and services available for more than $18,000 a night. If you have a bunch of friends looking to enjoy the Super Bowl in style then perhaps this is your thing?


Many people will be surprised to learn the relatively low cost of staying in the former (and current) residences of celebrities. To think that these superstars lay their weary heads in the same place as you, enjoying their celebrity status and planning their career progression certainly makes you think. Does this type of experience appeal to you?

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