Celebrity neighbours from hell

We recently published an article discussing the pros and cons of celebrity neighbours and the so-called “celebrity premium” and “celebrity discount” on property values. We recently came across some very interesting articles about celebrity neighbours who have aired a number of allegations. While we must stress these allegations are not necessarily proven, it seems that there are some difficult celebrity neighbours out there!

Justin Bieber

Despite the fact that Justin Bieber appears to be “growing up” he has been known to be a difficult neighbour in times gone by. While he has earned millions of dollars in his lucrative career his lost childhood would appear to have impacted his sense of right and wrong. There have been accusations of egg throwing at neighbours with many suggesting he made their lives “miserable”. While the subject of egg throwing may seem mischievous and funny to those on the outside, we can imagine it is not too good to be a target.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a celebrity who attracts a whole host of negative press coverage due to his various alleged misdemeanours in the past. While you might have assumed he would “keep his head down” this is far from the truth. In the past he is alleged to have held dog races in the public hallway of his apartment block and was said to show disrespect for other tenants. Bearing in mind they would have invested significant amounts of money in their own homes we can understand their anger.

Jerry Bruckheimer

While perhaps not a household name for many people, the neighbours of Jerry Bruckheimer were allegedly put in the dark when he decided to plant large trees on his property. Many neighbours were unable to enjoy the views of the Topatopa Mountains after the trees were planted. It is also alleged that sun blocking had a major impact upon the vegetable yield of an elderly couple who lived to a large extent on their home-grown produce.

Axl Rose

Many rockstar celebrities have an image onstage and a very different image offstage. What many would describe as the “old style” rock stars appear to maintain their image offstage – sometimes to the detriment of their neighbours. Axl Rose is said to have had a number of issues with neighbours with an accusation that he threw a neighbours keys onto the street and assaulted her. It is unknown whether he was arrested for these alleged incidents but there have been a number of detrimental comments from his neighbours.

Robert Downey Jr

In what could be a scene from one of his movies, an intoxicated Robert Downey Jr seems to have forgotten the exact whereabouts of his home on occasion. His neighbours woke up to find an intoxicated Downey sleeping in their home although they called the police and he was taken away in handcuffs. Quite what became of the Hollywood superstar after being taken away by the police is unclear. While many of his fans would welcome a visit from the man himself, perhaps they would prefer it to be in different circumstances!

James Franco

In a rather bizarre development, James Franco was described by many of his neighbours as highly inconsiderate and borderline invasive. It is alleged that he would hold parties at his home that regularly spilled out onto the street and meetings would sometimes be held on the neighbours front lawns. These are rather bizarre allegations but when you sit back and think of it, nobody would want to be around a neighbour like that?

Taylor Swift

While the Internet and the invasive world of the paparazzi has made the lives of many celebrities difficult to say the least, some seem to bring negative comments onto themselves. When international superstars Taylor Swift acquired her own beachfront property it is alleged that she decided the beach was her private property as well, despite the fact it was communal. In a rather bizarre development neighbours said a wall was built to stop beach “trespassers” who themselves wanted to catch a few rays. If this is correct, we can only describe this action as bizarre or a serious misunderstanding of her real estate plans!

In the interests of balance we must note that not all celebrity neighbours are neighbours from hell!

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